Jennifer Hudson & Eddie Murphy Win SAG Awards!

Jennifer Hudson and Eddie Murphy just cannot be stopped.After picking up Golden Globes for their supporting roles in Dreamgirls, both have won the Screen Actors Guild Award as well.Winning two prestigious awards back to back have set both Jennifer and Eddie up to almost assuredly take home an Oscar when they are handed out next month.You can check out a few pics from the event below as both Jamie Foxx and the wonderfully underrated Annika Noni Rose showed up to support their cast mates.
Jennifer HudsonEddie MurphyAnnika Noni RoseJamie Foxx

More SAG Awards Pics (HQ)
Anikka Noni RoseAnikka Noni RoseAnikka Noni Rose
Tracey Edmonds & Eddie MurphyEddie & Jamie FoxxEddie Murphy


  1. I think Eddie will win the Oscar but for some reason I don’t think Jennifer will.

  2. Congratulations to both Eddie and Jennifer.Glad to see Annika and Jamie were there as well. :thumbsup:

  3. I would love to see Dreamgirls win as an emsemble cast because I believe they all did a wonderful job and deserve to be recognized as a whole.Too bad Beyonce wasn’t there to show her support as well.I think the lack of attention may be getting to her.She did a great job as well as did Jamie even though neither has been recognized with an award for their contribution.

  4. Nope. I don’t think they would have mentioned Eddie if he wasn’t in Dreamgirls.They don’t do men around here.It’s dedicated solely to women.

  5. Damn Jennifer is really doing it! Eddie was excellent in the movie. But Jennifer voice really moves me. I think the lack of attention is getting to Beyonce but she will be ok. With all this dumb crap they have in heavy rotations on all the radio stations she’ll have another corny song from her cd, make a hot video and that’ll be it. I’m not with the poptart singers I love to feel what their singing about. Jen is the shit!

  6. Jaimee Fox is so ugly. I hate his oversexed pimped out ghetto persona. Oprah should never invite him on her show again. He is too dang on disrespectful.:noway:

  7. Annika really is a beautiful woman and her voice is beautiful too.

  8. I am with you “Girlfriend” I don’t know if Jennifer will get an Oscar, but I hope she will. Go Eddie, I am really happy for him especially after his divorce. Anika is pretty but for some reason she looks sort of Midget like in these photos:oops:

  9. I am so proud of Eddie & Jennifer and let’s not forget one of the most coveted roles – Best Actor in a Leading Role went to Forrest Whitaker.

    Black star power is marvelous!

    Congrats to all the Black:thumbsup: nominees and the winners!

  10. [quote comment=”2992″]What, no love for Forest ? :hmph:[/quote]
    Sorry, but by the time I went to bed only Jamie and Jennifer’s win had been announced and when I woke up it was off to work so I didn’t have time to update and add Forrest or Shondra Wilson’s win to the post.

  11. This is an exciting time for black women everywhere because we finally have two equally stiking receiving attention from “mainstream” Hollywood in a big way. Beyonce will do Sports Illustrated and Jennifer Hudson will do Vogue. Lets support both women by purchasing both magazines.

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