Jennifer Hudson Fires Back At Beyonce- Covers Life Magazine

Jennifer Hudson It’s about to be a magazine girl fight to the finish up in here y’all.First Jennifer makes history by being the first Black singer to make the cover of Vogue magazine. Beyonce then counter attacked by making a little history of her own and landing on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue.Not to be outdone- J. Hudson has once again gone on the offensive and landed on the cover of Life Magazine. What will Beyonce do next you ask? I have no idea- but it sure is going to be ridiculously fun waiting to find out. LOL.

Okay, now before anyone gets their panties in a bunch- please know that we are just having a little fun with these sistas.We love Jen and Bey both and wish them the best.That however doesn’t mean we are above making fun of them and this whole competition thing the public seems to be obsessed with. ((Beyonce has already been on the cover of Life Magazine.))

Anyway, you can check out a few of Jennifer’s pics from the issue below and head on over to Life to read the article.


  1. hahahahahha :lol2:

    Look for Beyonce to pose for Field & Stream any day now. :lol2:

  2. i am rolling on the floor. you fools is crazy. go jennifer and beyonce we love you both.but seriously, if jennifer doesn’t win the oscar her career is finished while beyonce’s will go on.

  3. Now why they make JHUD look like that 😕

    You mean to tell me they couldn’t photoshop her like they do other celebrities? :noway:

  4. Damn Jennifer is really doing big things.I have to give this woman so much love though.It’s hard for a big brown girl out here and yet Jennifer is triumphing every day.She is proving that sometimes real talent just cannot be stopped. :thumbsup:

  5. I think so little touching up is used on Jennifer because they want her to seem real.Most of these mag people don’t seem to find Jennifer attractive which is why I think they shoot her the way they do.The sexy shoot she did in blue was gorgeous.You know the one where her tatas were like BAM.Why won’t magazine show her in that light rather than as a fat chick?

  6. Maybe because people are tired of women baring it all on magazine covers (Janet Jackson). The cover of TIME reminds me of an old 70s magazine cover, when women use to look so natural. It wouldn’t be so bad if this started to be a trend. But I highly doubt it.:banana:

  7. I’m really not feeling the cover pic, but the inside pics are LOVELY! A giant step up from the Vogue pics…with that stupid Annie Leibovitz taking the pictures!

  8. I love the cover, it’s very earthy and old school. She’s hot! :dance:

  9. lol i LOVE YOU J.HUD [rep chi-town too].

    beyonce is on her way to see what it’s like to have a seat in the background! j.hud is on her way to the top of the music scene. lol beyonce is depressed offically now!

    she cant do nothing but either lay back or do playboy…

  10. Hmmm…didn’t you just comment on me mentioning a name that had nothing to do with the post….Mentioning Beyonce in a Jhud thread….lmao…I think you’re depressed!

  11. WOw. I was hoping this wasn’t going on. And I don’t think Jennifer did this to get back at be, I just think people are taking an interest in her now. I hope she sticks around for a while now. Now, IF BEYONCE, does do another magazine cover, than it’s official that she IS competing. 🙄 But sure hope not. If this is how Beyocne is doing things now, than she is headed for a slump Michael Jackson style (And I LOOOOOVE M.J.):dance1:

  12. beyonce is just weird period…i was wondering how long jay was going to hit it without being married

  13. We would like to think that magazines matter but the real ish will hit the fan when that Oscar performance jumps off. Beyonce is going to show her tail. She will be sanging like the rent is due. And will either make Jenn look bad or will make herself look desperate, lol. Good entertainment.:dance2: like this!!!:dance1: or this, lol.

  14. 😆 I can’t wait. I have never been so anxious to watch celebs before…It’s pathetic :lol2:

  15. i wouldnt be surprised if bee-yotch, tried to pull an r.kelly and do dreamgirl all over again with HER being the star lol if that shit went down then really her fans and stans wouldnt kiss her ass so much

  16. It’s so sad, she doesn’t need to be insecure. She’s straight!! She has fans who love her & she definately set her mark in history. She is really going over the top

  17. go jhud beyonce you can’t
    touch this :dance2::dance2::dance2::dance2::dance2::dance2::dance2::dance2::dance2::dance2::dance2::dance2::dance2::dance2::dance2::dance2::dance2::dance2::dance2::dance2:

  18. wait wait hold up didnt bee’s daddy say they better re-do dreamgrils too funny

  19. Beyonce announced last year that she was re-releasing a spanish version of her album late Feb or March. Her song irreplacable is till #1 in some European Charts. Don’t forget she’s an Artist with an Album to promote, more than I can say for the sea of caucasians continously gracing magazines these days to promote….ohh! look at how wonderful my life is!Its a blessing, I knoww:roll:. I think its a shame on the part of Vogue, that Jenifer is the 1st Black singer!!??? You mean in 2007 black people are still making firsts???!!!. This is a magazine that has had selma blair…who?My point exactly on their cover. Are they trying to say that, before Jenifer came along, no other black female artiste has been deserving of the Vogue cover. I disagree. We are simply loving the chains that still bind us, when we make fun of an accomplished Artiste like Beyonce that by alrights should have made a vogue cover by now. The white women that have been on that cover so far, are no more deserving than her.

  20. what i wanna know is how many of you think beyonce will pull a mariah carey?

    i.e. sing, become a ledgen, sale more albums…. 😎

  21. Get off of Beyonce’s di#$… Why are you stupid ass people still putting Beyonce and JHud up against each other. They’re not beefing…..I have no clue why ya’ll keep doing that. Beyonce is already an international star, why would she be jealous of JHud. WHY????? This is becoming out of hand every site I go to, it’s something new. I guess hate is the new found love, because Beyonce sure gets alot of it. BUT PLEASE GET OVER HER…IF YA’LL SO SICK OF BEYONCE..STOP TRYING TO FIND STUPID ASS STORIES TO THROW UP ON YOUR WEBSITES…TO GET EVEN MORE HATERS TO MAKE FEEL BETTER….REMEMBER WHEN U DON’T HAVE SOMETHING POSITIVE TO SAY ABOUT SOMEONE….OBVIOUSLY THERE ARE SOME ISSUES WITH YOU. THE GIRL CAN SING HER ASS OFF, DANCE, WRITE, ACT, AND THE LIST GOES ON AND ON…..AND ON AND ON……FUC&^** HATERS………..OUT!

  22. I think she will be a legand, I think she is one now. Look at Aaliyah she’s a legand and has done less than Beyonce. But fans and support and her humility are what made her that way as well. You can tell by someones actions their humility. You can tell she doesn’t want to be shut out just becuase of the dream girls disappointment. as far as her not getting all the fame that J Hud has gotten.
    But I think what your hearing is people expressing their disaapointment in how she is being so over bearing in the media since she didn’t win. Not that she should be ashamed but you can tell everything is a counter move and look at me look at me.

  23. No on knows wether or not they are feuding. I do think that beyonce is just used to getting her way. She likes to be the first to do everything and being that she will fall second to Vogue (if she gets on there)that bothers her. Let me say one more thing, I have found that no matter how beautiful, Rich, smart and huge you are as a international figure, there will always SOMETHING to make you insecure. Like JAY said, she is a great singer, dancer & writer and she STILL has a problem. People like you and I know that she needn’t be threatened but I think it is safe to say that something in her FEELS that way. It happens when you are a spoiled person. Watch how spoiled kids & teenagers act when they don’t get ONE THING. 😥

  24. congrats to both beyonce and jen! both are very talented in their own rights…and NO they are not beefing so get a life!:hater:

  25. AT LIYAH: I think your right, she was raised in the industry and hasn’t always been like or had her way and been this big coming in to the game but now it’s like BEYONCE BEYONCE BEYONCE! A blog on this site about Beyonce gets way more comments than anything else. Because now is her time and can anyone say that if it were you you wouldn’t want it taken away. I rememeber DC’s Diary on mtv the last thing she said was”I seen it before you get comfortable and think it’s all about you and God takes it away, I can’t have this taken away.” And I think she’s doing that, ensuring that she doesn’t think it’s about her. Look at Janet, she thought it was all about her and look at what happened…she fell off…she didn’t do nearly the amount of things Beyonce did. Let’s all face it that J Hud was a blow at Beyonce. And instead of her sitting down and taking it or saying I’m better throwing a Kanye. SHe’s showing it. The proof is in the pudding. She’s so spoiled that now she’s going all out. And let’s face it…if she wasn’t good enough to handle these blessings she wouldn’t be getting the offers.

  26. Nicolette

    you know what jay no one needs to dig up any dirt on beyonce she hangs out her own wash for all too see
    I seen in the news entertianment her :booty: was all hanging out while getting into jay z car i don’t buy her shy -ness for S*@!% she is a double standard wench her and her song called nasty girl put some clothes what is that? huh im not going to type what i would really like to place here its a waste of my energy

  27. Candi you seem to be jocking Bey hard. Now who’s looking desperate? I mean I’m not a huge fan of either one of them, but I can applaud both of them for doing what they need to do to stay relevant.

    Were you Beyonce’s former assistant or something. Did she fire you. I mean it seems a little personal- 😆


  29. I would like to comment on this Beyonce thing, Beyonce needs to go somewhere and hide out for years!! We are already tired of her at the age of 25, and only two solo albums. She is not what her stans think that she is. Jennifer Hudson is the it girl who shut Beyonce down in the movie Dreamgirls, and out blow Beyonce any day. Jennifer Hudson is rising, so people don’t you worry Beyonce is trying to do all of this because she is really about to reach the age of 36, and only have 2 solo albums, this girl is not 25 years old which is why her parents tried to sue because they know that Beyonce is much over 30. Just ask Jay-z how old she is, he said on tv about three years ago that she was 29, so she knew what she was doing. The knowles are a bunch of money hungry, selfish people.

  30. I cannot understand why everyone makes fun of Beyonce. She is a young black woman trying to get as much as pie as she can. We always hate on our own people, when they become very successful. Is anyone of you featured on any of the magazines that she’s gets the opportunity to be on. NO! We should be sad that only 3 black women out this world of billions and 2 black women are shown in popular magazines. What does that tell you? It’s takes us to make a battle between two successful black women to gainany publicity. It is really a shame we all can’t be a happy for one another. Do you Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel fighting the way we always put Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson on a show down, NO!!!!!

  31. ^^^:iagree:

    I’m going to tell you like this. If I were in her shoes, I would do almost anything to stay at the top. The average career only lasts a milisecond anyway and who says that she wants to still be doing this when she’s 30? Maybe she wants a family and a private life later on, so let the girl do her thing. From what I’ve seen of her, she hasn’t done any more under-handed things than anyone else in the business. The entertainment industry is cut-throat and not for the meek, so I applaud her for just keeping her sanity with all the hatred coming her way. If you think being in the industry is all rosy then you’re naive. No one is going to hand you anything. You have to work for what you want and she’s workin’ it.

    If Jennifer wants to last, she better get a tough skin and a sheisty manager as well.

  32. i just knew someone was as stupid as beyonce..i knew her fans were retaded! all of what we are trying to explain to them and they still dont get it! damn damn damn….!!!!

  33. not to mention she’s alergic to perfume but came out with true star for tommy hilfigure….??? hmmmmm!

  34. Jocker:lol2:

    It’s ok maybe she’ll be done with her singing career in a few years and then it will be your turn. Calm down. I swear it’s not the end of the world. But you’ll have to go after that dream and not stay here on the blogs, ok? Ok:dance:

  35. If Beyonce is over 30, then does that mean kelly, letoya and latavia are as well? I thought letoya and beyonce were in the same class when they first met in grade school and formed the group girls tyme?

    I don’t believe she’s over 30. But, I do understand that there are many celebrities who lie about their age.

    I saw Beyonce on Jay Leno last night and I could not take my eyes off of her. She is beautiful, sexy and poised. I did notice that southern drawl and speech delay. She should take a few college courses in her spare time or surround herself with articulate and intelligent people.

    Beyonce has an incredible work ethic and I admire and respect her for that. She deserves great things because she is a hard worker.

    Beyonce is the consummate professional. I am sure the person we see and hear on tv is not who she really is behind closed doors. But, who cares? There is a time and place for everything.

    :stop:Do you act at work the same way you act with your friends? If you do then you have some serious maturing to do 😕


  37. Do I believe Beyonce is a legend? No. Does she have the potential to be legend? Yes but she must reinvent herself.

    Legends take years in the making and the only people that have claimed that title have been around for a while. If Beyonce plans to retire by 30, as she stated before, she will never officially hold that title.

  38. do most of you know that these celebs go through media training? they learn how to walk, pose and speak… but i would think you would have to pay for it also. everyone knows the knowles are cheap as hell. beyonce cant speak worth shit….so that means they skipped out on that part of fame

  39. I don’t feel like anyone is hating on Bey at all a lot of people say things like: stop trying to keep a sista down, oh she’s paving the way for black people. I don’t buy any of that. At this point in the game it’s all about ego, greed, and dominating the spot light. She has more that made her mark in history, she’s won every award imaginable, graced magazine covers, #1 hits, #1 girls group, movie roles, clothing line, major endorsements, her own fragrance, toured all over the globe. What more could she possibly have to prove. She’s been on top for so long she’s having a hard time sharing the spot light.

    Like BILL said You don’t see Janet or any other major star putting themsevles out there like that. Thats so tackey and desperate to keep hogging the spotlight. A true star knows how to step back for a minute.

    I don’t think that anyone has to bring her down because eventaully she’ll play herself out. Her voice, talent, and her hard driven work ethic has made her a superstar and it will also be her down fall. And when she does fall she’s going to have a very hard time.

  40. Beyonce look so hot in her swimsuits she has a banging body feirce!! take this from an asian guy who appreciates fine sistas 😎

  41. kamal you are very observant lol beyonce has a body and a booty :booty:to die for……….I would swim the ocean to save her from jayz

  42. @Stef,

    Maybe she is greedy and maybe she likes what she does. I mean not everyone wants to be singing Bootylicious or running around in leotards like Madonna when they’re 40. So if she wants to leave an impression on the music industry before her “inevitable” downfall, then so be it. I mean I’ve seen worse people trying to hog the spotlight. At least she has some talent to go with it.

    If Jennifer Hudson is meant to be the star that all of you want her to be, then she will. I don’t think that Beyonce can stop her.

  43. @Kayre :lol2:
    “Get off Beyonce’s ovaries”- that’s funny. That had me laughing for a minute. “Get off Beyonce’s ovaries”- It’s funny just typing it:lol:

  44. After reading some of your posts i have to agree with some of you.”BEY” said it herself she’s very competitive but for some of you who are beyonce fans let’s keep it real.Just a personal opinion she coming off as being a”H.A.T.E.R.” you have to keep in mind she the hottest chick in the business papa Knowles and her and mama Tina making those jack-up clothes wants to keep that way. especially j-hud didn’t want to sign with him can you blame her.all she has to do look at Kelly Rawlins they keep pushing her album so they can release sloange supposing album and the re-release of B-day, if that’s not some jacked-up sh**t i don’t know what it is but all love and respect to jhud hope she does phenomenally in the business .

  45. @SHAY

    I understand Bey making money and trying to get all she can while she can. Nobody can hate on her for trying to get paid. Bey is talented and she has that kind of star power to stay in the game 20 years or more like Janet, or Madonna depending on how she uses her star quality. Over saturating the market can sometimes be a bad career move. Stepping out of the spot light for a minute does not mean go away forever. I feel when an artist go away for a little while and let people miss them it makes their star power stronger and fans hunger for their talent even more. Like right now I’m terribly missing MAXWELL and D’ANGELO!!

    Ture stars with longevity don’t have to dominate the industry so hard.

    And Jhud will shine if she’s a star, nobody can keep her down if its meant to be.

  46. o.k. a sag ..a gg..on her way to get that oscar..vogue and now life…all thinks no other singer has done wow….


  48. I think the ones in Life Mag are ok. The ones in Vogue are not very nice. They should have positioned he another way:sad:

  49. im sick of seeing beyonce she is not all that why is everybody on her big nutts

  50. jennifer hudson can act better than beyonce and its her first movie beyonce should be ashamed

  51. jay z is ugly as hell and beyonce needs to go away why is she always trying to be seen next she will be stripping or doin porn to stay on top i heard her breathe stinks and she told latavia and letoya they can
    t sing i hope she falls off she don’t deserve all this attention i’m white so dont say black woman hate on beyonce white woman do to because beyonce wanna be white

  52. beyonce your lyrics stink and your acting is terrible you need to take a vacation cause u aint nothing to look at i seen your ugly bdy a million times

  53. Oh goodness another Jocker:lol2:

    I know that we have stans- Beyonce stalker/fans, but is there a name for those who don’t like her and stalk her also. When someone comes up with one, let me know:dance2:

  54. you know jeniffer hudson is great and will definitely shine if she takes the right moves. beyonce is great and that is a fact. her awards can prove it. if people hate her so much and she’s not all that why does she get those awards and endorsements and why does her albums and clothes and stuffs she makes sell. u see beyonce lovers are more than haters and they keep beyonce at the top. u can’t bring her down. most of the things she gets she works for. of course they are sometimes we get priviledges because of who we are. if we wanna get those priviledges too. let’s work hard and support eachother. i’m sure they aren’t post poning kelly rowlands album because of beyonce and solange’s album. kelly isn’t dumb she’s a star as well so she won’t sit there and watch her dreams stolen away.there are so many managers that will manage her but she wants matthew knowles and he’s like a father to her so who will better do that job than someone that will encourage and help her glow. jennifer hudson says she loves beyonce and she’s a fan. beyonce also loves j.hud. so y’all need to give it a rest. because we are insecure or we hate (which is not good). we do things we don’t mean or we later regret. some people on the other hand don’t feel guilty caz their conscience is dead or dieing. imagine if u were out there trying to make a life, good memories for yourself and someone is degrading u and bringing u down like u all do to beyonce and other stars. beyonce gains so much attention and energy to prove her self and do better when people say bad stuffs about her so maybe if u just keep shut she might be weak. (which will not happen, still). and someone on this blog says beyonce is alergic to perfume, ehm! that is a great lie.
    life is too short and beyonce has sure made an impact to the whole world apart from entertaining but also giving money to charities like some other stars do. if she dies today she won’t be forgotten by the whole world even the haters will still remember her. if she ain’t all that u need to rest cos her name is among other great stars on the hollywood walk of fame and u only get there if u’ve made a great impact. let’s all support eachother and be cool.

  55. yer again someone says beyonce is trying to be white, that’s a lie. beyonce is a very light skinned black woman because her maternal grandmother is bi-racial and she gets the colours form the genes running through her mother. beyonce is prpared for all this hate listen to “happy face” in the “survivor” album by “destiny’s child”.

  56. she’s all about self-empowerment and she is so proud of being black.

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