Jennifer Hudson Gets Engaged To Reality TV Star

Former ‘American Idol’ contestant Jennifer Hudson and her boyfriend, I Love New York 2 star David Otunga, have gotten engaged. A rep for Hudson says the couple became engaged Friday night. “I can confirm that Jennifer got engaged to her boyfriend David on Friday night in L.A.,” the rep tells People magazine. David is said to have proposed with a Neil Lane diamond ring on Hudson’s 27th birthday. The couple have been dating for less than a year and though they were seen together from time to time, neither let on that they were actually a couple. Jennifer is presently in the midst of promoting her new movie “The Secret Life Of Bees” and her debut CD, which hits store shelves on September 30th. Congrats to Jennifer!


  1. This might be all for the album.. watch they break up after the cd does j/k
    congraulations… u dont have to worry about hitting nobody with ur pocket book

  2. lol yeah thats funny…i liked punk he seemed like a very nice guy…that would be good for jeniffer

  3. Marrying a guy who went on a cheezy reality show- yep that sounds like a marriage that will last.

  4. Am I the only one to see that dude comes across as kinda suspect? 😕 Granted I didn’t watch ILNY2 and he is an Ivy league grad. I adore Jenn but don’t want her winding up in a situation like Star and Terry. She just needs to be really careful and make his ass sign a pre-nup that will hold tight should things not work out out. That’s all I’m saying. Be smart girls!

  5. Chile she got herself a good man!? he is an college [harvard] graduate, he is a lawyer i have no idea what he was doing on i love new york I mean i love my girl and stuff but no! I’m happy for her, happy she didn’t get bedazzle by a rapper because those men are … Yall know 🙂 congratulation to her! Best wishes!
    Did ya’ll hear Pocketbook?

  6. Bossip, what is with this “former American Idol contestant’ introduction to JHud? Have y’all not heard that she is an Oscar award winning actress and singer? Is this site about news or history? Give respect where respect is due. I can’t believe this slight. :booty: :hater:

    Anywhoo, major congrats to Jen and her fiance. Word on the street is that he is more than a random reality show contestant. Old boy is a Harvard trained attorney. That’s what I’m talking about Jen. Go for the man education, looks and potential for high earning. :thumbsup:

  7. I hope this one last. these two do not look compatible at all to me but whatever floats their boat. as long as they are happy then so be it !

  8. I love Jennifer so much and am so happy for her success, but I don’t think this is a good move. How do you go from being a Harvard Grad to a show like I Love New York? Anyway, I can’t believe she let go of the man who was with her at the Oscars and when she was dead broke and did not know what to do next. I would not trust anyone who did not know me when I was grinding and struggling. But if it makes her happy, I am happy for her.

  9. I am completely out of the loop…I thought she was still dating her long time boyfriend of 7 yrs. I never watched I Love NY and am not familiar with the gentleman she is marrying. I wish her the best.

  10. Ok… am I the only one LOVIN the emotioncons @ the bottom where you place the comment LOL. To the webmaster plzzzzzzzzz don’t take them away LOL :thumbsup: .

    As for Jen… well I was one of those faithful watchers of I Luv NY 2 & Punk was a very sweet guy. Yes he is also a Harvard grad & a lawyer. However, I really don’t know about this one. But if Mariah & Nick can get married, so can Jen & Punk. So w/ that being said… I say CONGRATS :bowdown:

  11. PUblicity stunt for what? I think she would have gone for the rich rapper if she was trying to create buzz beside she won an Oscar without a man [she broke up with james before that] so i don’t think she need him as a validation!

  12. :iagree: Blame on the Rain!

    I feel like a kid in the toy store! :brownsista:

    Congrats, JHUD! I hope it’s sincere and genuine!

  13. As long as she is happy that is all that matters. I didn’t know they were together, I thought she was with the guy she was with for some years. I hope she knows what she is doing. Congrats to her.

  14. no she did not break up with him before the osar she did an interview atfer she won an the an she was talking about how she loved him an how long they eas together an they ask her now that she won is she going to marry him she said yeah that might happen an on that note………….GIRL DONT MARRY THAT MAN HE GAY I REMEMBER HIM ON “NY” I THOUGHT HE WAS OK FOR GET THOUGHT I NEW HE WAS GAY THEN

  15. We do stupid stuff out of all the men out there …she pulls a vivica fox and marries a broke one…we always miss the red flags……God forgive me for judging her. SHE HAS JUST SET HERSELF UP LIKE MARION BARRY!!!lol

  16. Whatever either way she is no dummie and i don’t think she would accept to marry him if she was not sure of her dang decision! And i’m guessing the ones talking here are married to rich men right? Just get out of here , He is an IVY LEAGUE graduate if you don’t know [and i’m sure you don’t]that means that he is either rich and you don’t know a damn thing or he might be broke but not for long and as for those who base their choice of men on money you have another thing coming for you… And whoever said is gay it takes one to know one are yall going to stop labelling our good men as gay? DAMN! as soon as a brother step outta that box he is gay? Just shut the hell up with that mess he is gay why? because he does not look and act like a thug? because he doesn’t curse every two secons? because he went to school instead of selling drugs? N-ggers…

  17. Ummu..Does anyone know what happened to her boyfriend that she was with for years?

  18. well, I agree that Punk seems like a nice guy, but I do have to agree that a redflag did go up for me when I saw him on I Love New York. Call it what you want, but he always did seem a little suspect. Ivy League educated or not. Newsflash, I’m an Ivy League graduate myself so I’ve met MANY intelligent black men that don’t seem suspect at all. So it’s not his intelligence or kindness that’s triggering my gaydar. But I do pray that this works out for Jennifer and I’m completely wrong. (but I haven’t been so far)

  19. :brownsista: OMG, y’all! That’s me! LOL

    Ahem… sorry.

    I loves me some J. Hud, but… um. You see the thing about this is that… um. But what I don’t understand is, well. Yeah, I’m not sure about this one. If it’s for real, I wish them happiness forever and ever. But I’ve seen them in pics and they don’t even seem like they’re a couple let alone engaged.

  20. J-Hud do you and I’m trying to be positive about this…. but I give her kudos for the Harvard educated brother 🙂 I think you can find love quickly…but..six months is quick…that’s for me…some people say what you know in 8 years you can know in six months…I’m still on the fence with that…He appears cool… I would have a hella fide prenup…and he would have to bring somehting to the table or be able to match my “grind” in some kind of way.Gay…um…don’t know..I need to chech him out again..I’m just more concerned about the urgency of this engagement than anything….he stands to benefit more from her, than her from him. He’s an attorney but he took off to get on that crazy show? I mean get at your dreams but I’m sure he could have tried the apprentice or something more on his level….I’m :thumbsup: happy for her..good luck..prenup …prenup

  21. Why people do not be happy for people. How we know who look right together. To me alot of people in the industry do not look right. You have regular people that is a couple do not look right. It seem like to me it have to be all about look these day. Them the one you have drama over. I see that some of you on here think that man is gay.
    Because he talk proper and not thug or like someone said a rapper. He have alot of quality that i like about him plus she need that man to pic k her healthy self up lol. She been with him just little under a year. Go JEN :thumbsup:

  22. For all of those who wonder, people think he is suspect because of that creepy, SoulGlo hair!!!!

    AND, I think it’s a publicitything because of the movie, CD, and promo all starting around the same time.

    ANNNNDDDD, I think a woman is not in lov for 7 years to a real guy and just uo and marries a relity star she has known for under 1 year!!!!


    Not in the real world!! :stop:

  23. I wonder what happened to the boyfriend who was with her at the Oscars too. I heard Jen was engaged to him at one time as well.

  24. steph
    I heard that he was starting to feel himself and cheat around but congrats to jen and him Go for the educated man sisters! and some people sit around talking about i know he is gay if look could define what your sexual orientation is i think a lot of people would be gay just because some women love to dress in baggy jeans and dress shirt and some guys just love the sophisticated look [ne yo] yall dont know nothing and you ALL need to find a man and stop the hate

  25. I luv JHUD too guys… but you wanna know what happened to her hardworking, average, everyday, run of the mill guy? I’ll tell ya what happened she dumped him. I knew that was going to happen as soon as Jen went Hollyweird :loser: . Face it ppl, there is a standard of what a celeb sees in a partner, which is why you have all these weird parings or the moments of I cannot believe those 2 are together. Obviously Jen feels/ thought the same way about her ex guy. I could be wrong, hey maybe the 2 separated b/c they wanted to. But I think that highly unlikely, being that they were together for like 4-5 yrs.If they wanted to part they coulda did it yrs ago. No Punk is NOT a Alister, but he IS a Harvard grad & a Lawyer. To many that trumps a janitor any day. Which I believe was her ex guys occupation :bag: . Also Jen’s standard for her men has surely risen since her days as a American Idol Contestant :brownsista: . I know it sounds cold, but many ppl don’t care about the necessities of human personality i.e. hardworking, kind, smart, funny, sweet & etc. To many ppl all they wanna know is where u bank & is your bank account about to have a heart attack from all those zeroes behind the 1 & the 2 :lol2: . And I think we can ALL say that that isn’t right :koolaid:


  27. :stop: J-Hud!!

    I don’t want to be negative but…. *sigh* this all seems wrong- just all wrong :thumbsdown:

    I never watched ILNY and that’s good for him if he’s a lawyer and Harvard grad


    I dunno… he does seem kind of :koolaid: and why is called “Punk”???
    Imean, if they love each other and this is real… good for them and good luck

    To me, this all seems a tad bit – phony, stuntish- wrong!

  28. @clear what eva i do not know if you a man or a woman. She can be with anyone she wants. How do you know this man is gay. As far as the obama proper talking i would love to have intelligent man over a thug anytime. You better leave obama alone too. OBAMA 08

  29. I sincerely hope this isn’t the one who went crazy and threw himself down a flight of steps

  30. WEll go head Jen. SHe got big thangs goin on in here life nw. :brownsista:

  31. I was shocked to see Jenn engaged to this man she has dated less than a year. Those men on ILNY are no different than the ladies on FOL, they all have a agenda whether it is money or exposure for themselves. Jennifer needs to be careful. Ladies we all want to be married, just don’t say yes because a man asks you. I’m not saying the marriage won’t work out, but I have call it like I see it.

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