Jennifer Hudson Hits Up the Ellen Show

Singer Jennifer Hudson visited the Ellen Show yesterday, where she performed her new single “Where You At,” and of course talked about her weight loss. Going from a size 16 to 6, Jen said she feels the same about herself, but admits that buying clothes is more fun now that she is smaller.

On motherhood, Jennifer says she is never away from her 18 month old son David for long periods of times and says they have a lil dance-off every morning in bathroom. “He’s standing in the bathroom, and I’m in the bedroom. I’ll do a move and say, ‘OK, now you do it.’ And he gives it back to me.”

Look for Jennifer’s new album “I Remember Me” to hit record store shelves on March 22nd. The singer’s new single can be downloaded from Itunes now.


  1. Love this song! Rocking with J. Hud until Beyonce comes back and shuts it down. I think J. Hud did great at the Grammy’s, right behind Yolanda Adams.

  2. Love it, Love it, Love it!!! She is really learning to work her stage presence.

  3. You better work that dress Miss Hudson!
    @Shanice I’m with you on that one…

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