Jennifer Hudson: “If This Isn’t Love” Video



  1. Jennifer is an inspiration I love the way the video was shot, the sadness in his yes i wish will go away one day, We love you Jennifer

  2. I loooooove this song! Perfect song for Valentines. Go Jen! :thumbsup:

  3. Well umma put my hands up like th song says cuz I got real Love!! And I hope and pray she does too!! You can tell she’s in love, she looks so feminine. God bless her. I still feel sad for her.

  4. :iagree: @Liyah. I too still feel sad for her because I can’t even imagine her pain just at the height of her career. I am so glad that she is hanging in there. She does have that glow and look of love in her eyes. I saw her with David and he looked like he was in love with her and so in awe of her strength. The eyes always tell it. I am happy for her.

  5. @ Liyah :iagree: I co-sign to that “Well umma put my hands up like the song says cuz I got real Love!! ” I really hope she does too as well. The video was very nice. I like the way the male and female dance was choreographed to the music.

  6. i cant believe my eyes are watering..funny how this has always been my favorite song off the album but i dont know if its because im emotional tonight or what but hearing the words this time to the song is choking me up…god…

  7. I LOVE this song! Top three off the album imo.
    That said……
    I don’t like the video.
    There’s nothing there.
    Just like there was nothing there in Single Ladies video.
    There’s no real story or anything, just a low budget, shot in two hours video.
    I still love Jen, though.
    Hope she performs this song tomorrow night.

  8. @ Shanice either you have never been in love or you truly dont know what love is. how can you say that this video has nothing, and doesnt tell a story. Anyone that has seen this video once that truly know what love is can get the story and message of the video from watching it. sometimes less is more and with this video she nailed it perfectly. the couple dancing together tells alot and you can see in her radient eyes the message she is portraying. you dont have to spend millions on a video for it to be great, simplicity is usually best.

    and why must you bring in beyonce single ladies video, they way to different to compare. single ladies was a dance track thats all there is to, if you want to compare than compare halo to this video both videos are simple and great get over it and be happy with what you get.

  9. Also, if you pay attention to the couple dancing you will see that they are portraying signs of trust. if you notice their dance movements you can see that they are doing moves that depend on the partner to fulfill the actions. i also think this was another sign of the message they were giving in this video. great job jhud lets get people to start thinking about these videos…dig deep ladies

  10. @ Mario & Talulazoeapple

    Thanks for the breaking it down. The video was simple perfection. It made me ignore the producer who was yelling on the track. Ugh.

  11. Great video and song. I’m glad to see Jen moving forward with her career.

  12. I liked Halo, love the video.
    Can’t say I’ve ever really been in love, I’m only 20 yrs old.
    My mom and dad were together for almost 30 years before he died.
    She said the same thing about the video.
    The dancing looks like basic ballet that I took my first year in college.
    Radiant eyes, it’s called make-up, lighting, and acting.
    But then again, I did say IMO.

  13. Love the song love the video although some weak minded idiots won’ t understand it , I do and it’ s beautiful, Kudos to Jennifer for keeping it classy and giving us food for thoughts is this video

  14. I like the video and song. It’s exactly how I thought she would be. I didn’t expect for it to be all flashy, just simple. Loved the dancing also. Welcome back Jen!

  15. Pearlsrevealed no problem and what is with that at the begining of the song haha when i first download the song i was like did itunes just give me a bootleg?!?! haha it would have been better without that but oh well

  16. @ Shanice oh okay girl is funny how you cant a=see into the video…i guess its just your loss…carry on….

  17. I love this song and Video! Work Jen…I aint mad at cha! :thumbsup:

  18. My hands were in the air long time ago lol Love jennifer hudson, her blessings are coming

  19. @ Shanice, continue to state how you feel 🙂 it’s how these comments/blogs work. State your opinion; it’s all good. 🙂 Interpretation is different for everyone. 🙂

    I loved the video. Very simple and the song, as gorgeous as JHud here. :brownsista:

  20. I love this song, and I’m so glad she’s back. After seeing Keri Hilson Rihanna, and Ciara, this is so refreshing. And I’m not going to complain about the video, thats the problem with the music industry, if you don’t have a six pack and your not shaking your aSSets, are running around nekkid your video sucks.

  21. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song but the video didn’t do much 4 me…
    I understand the story telling was in the dancing with the love, trust and sincerity that it displayed but it didn’t move me!!!!

    I still wish her well with whatever she’s still inspiring to be and God bless her!!!

  22. @Shanice,

    Halo doesn’t tell a story. And the song doesn’t suit her voice.

    Where as in this video the dancers tell the story.

  23. Voice did not write this post :lol2: Voice loves halo :lol2:

    Anyway i agree with fake voice the video of halo does not tell a story, I still love the song

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