Jennifer Hudson Is A “Diva”

Jennifer Hudson Jennifer Hudson has officially become a diva… a VH-1 Diva. The singer, along with Toni Braxton, Sheryl Crow, and others, has been added to the line-up of female star power scheduled to grace the stage at this year’s VH-1 Divas Live Concert. This year’s show will be headlined by Jordin Sparks, Adele, Kelly Clarkson, Leona Lewis and Miley Cyrus. However, VH-1 continues to add new names daily as complaints of no real star power have clouded the event. Rumors of a possible Whitney Houston appearance have starting floating around however and may not be so far off the mark. Whitney’s stellar comeback is official as she grabs the top spot on this week’s Billboard charts with sales of her “I Look To You” album topping the 300,000 mark. VH-1 however is keeping mum on the rumor, saying only that a Whitney appearance is “Not yet official.”


  1. Oooh! I hope Whitney is apart of it. It’s good that Toni will be on the show too.

  2. She deserves this title she came along way from American Idol to what she is now

  3. Miley Cyrus – a diva. You have got to be kidding. She is still wearing pampers in my opinion.

  4. Yeah, I was wondering where were the Black Divas…since Obama won many are trying to exclude us, but it ain’t workin!

  5. Congratulations!!! I saw a pic of her post baby she lost so many pounds it’s crazy !!! welcome back anyway!!!!

  6. beyonce’s been on diva’s previously and i believe she’s on tour anyway

  7. Jennifer is definately on her way. I think a baby so soon was a bad idea, but the potential is there. She’s talented, beautiful, and people love her. If we keep seeing her she will definately have her spot as a Diva.

  8. She is an excellent singer and actress,,,yes she deserves to be called a DIVA…
    She has such a powerful voice..put the other want to be singers to rest…lol

  9. CONGRADS, she kept that baby situation hidden good. I didnt even know. Thats good. and Truthteller please. How you gone tell a women when its ok to have a baby. so what she is famous. wtf. thats crazy for you to say. what a baby gone stop. ugh

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