Jennifer Hudson Is Looking Good

Actress and singer Jennifer Hudson is really looking good these days. The 29 year old Weight Watchers spokesperson has reportedly shed nearly 70 pounds, taking her 5 foot 9 inch frame from a size 22 to a svelte size 8. Jennifer showed off the results of her new diet and exercise plan (yes, she exercised too) at last night’s GEM Awards gala in New York City. Sporting a basic black dress and matching stilettos, Jen flaunted a fabulous figure many probably didn’t know she had. When asked if she plan to shed anymore pounds during a recent interview, Jennifer said she “never wanted to be skinny” but added that going from a size 22 to an 8 seems to be the “healthiest and most natural fit” for her body.


  1. She looks better than she has ever looked. She also looks happier.

  2. Ummm ummm yummy she is pretty Weight on or off Congratulations gurl

  3. I always thought she looked nice either way but happy and healthy is always better…

  4. she does look great and like Monique she is not trying to be skinny but just wanting to be healthy. i am taking a cue from their book of wisdom. Congrats to her.

  5. @RENE
    I am sorry what made her her is being overweight?

    I do not know the girl but I am sure she saw herself as more then just a one dimensional individual. When I think of JH I dont think about her weight maybe the weight of her voice but not her body.

  6. Well, Brown Sista… I do not think she looks good. I love Jennifer Hudson, mainly because of her triumph after such tragedy, but I think she looks unhealthy, however, I hope she is happy.

  7. Ms Johnson, could it be that you prefer a larger Jennifer because she was more identifiable to you, maybe someone you could relate to more?

  8. @ Ms. Johnson….she looks unhealthy?!?!

    i think that’s the problem with society today. would you rather her stay the size she was? if anything it’s 10 times healthier than a size 22. this mentality in my opinion, is why obesity and all the medical complications that come with it are such an epidemic in this country. SHE feels that this weight is healthiest for her body, and I agree. It’s not like she dropped to a size 2…

    All cosmetics aside, i’m glad she lost weight for her health. maybe people will follow her example.

  9. A lot of heavier women won’t like Jennifer anymore because she has lost the lost.

  10. Agree with Ranjay. As log as a woman is seen as not being competition women like them. The minute they feel the woman could possibly be seen as more beautiful than them they hate them.

  11. Wow what mage J Hud Jud is her weight? 0_o

    I dont get people- its NOT about being shinny, its about being healthy and fit! I hope people would be inspired by her and get in shape too! Obesity is a huge issue in the US and comes with a truck load of health issues.

    Any whoo I think she looks FAB!!!!

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