J-Hudson Poses for Vanity Fair

This is why magazines are going out of business; nothing is a surprise anymore. Once upon a time you didn’t see photo shoots or magazine covers until they hit the stands. Now, with camera phones and the paparazzi everywhere, we get things weeks in advance of them actually being released. Such is the case with these images of singer/actress Jennifer Hudson. Jen was photographed on the streets of Los Angeles yesterday shooting a photo spread for an upcoming issue of Vanity Fair magazine.

Jennifer recently finished taping her Disney Christmas performance in Orlando, Florida and is prepping for the release of two new movies (Winnie and The Three Stooges) in 2012.


  1. i agree. presentation is everything and you can’t get the full effect.

  2. she stays busy… and doing things that people who have been in the business far longer than her WISH they could..

    hope she gets married soon so she can continue doing wholesome things with her career that makes her money.

    that’s not judgment..its just the way the industry works.

    Monica is doing the BET Christmas special, Jhud is doing the Disney Christmas special…Jhud just got here, Monica BEEN here

  3. I love JHUD and she has a great career. She doesn’t battle for stats or titles. She’s an anomaly. She doesn’t dominate the charts, but her growth as an artist is evident. She’s making her paper and living through life’s unspeakable horror with grace and dignity, raising her baby and giving back.

    I hope she gets married too, but it doesn’t make sense to when things aren’t right and obvious things aren’t at this time, only to divorce (painful) and Jen have to pay out a prenuptial or divorce settlement. Dude gonna get sumptin!

    Looking forward to her Christmas Special…

  4. Aye Jen instead of all this spotlight about nothing…go make a another hit LIKe spotlight so u can be back on again!

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