Jennifer Hudson Set A Wedding Date

Jennifer Hudson After three of her family members were killed last year, Jennifer Hudson and her fiance, David Otunga, decided to put their wedding plans on hold. The singer however is now ready to move on with her life and recently told Ryan Seacrest that she has finally set a date for her nuptials. Choosing to keep the date a secret, Jennifer would only say it would take place once her summer tour with fellow R n’ B crooner Robin Thicke, was complete.


  1. i heard he was gay. and new york implied it in interviews also. for her health i hope it is not true.

  2. Congratulation baby boo, Gotchu a Lawyer I’ m proud of you gir lI loved her on Ellen 🙂

  3. I wish her well. Who knows with that David character but then again who knows with anyone?

    I would not trust New York, I don’t think he was attracted to her but wanted to win on the show.

  4. Well I`m happy for Jennifer. I hope they have a long and happy life together and may her career continue to blossom.

    Michael Jackson & The GOLDEN 80s 4 ever!!!

  5. I am happy for Jennifer as well and can’t wait to see the wedding photos. I wish her the best forever and that her career indeed continues to flourish into her being a living legend.

  6. i am happy for her and i know that she will reveal her wedding pictures.

  7. Michael Jackson & The GOLDEN 80s 4 ever!!!
    You know it :hifive:

  8. she will be the prettiest bride…cant wait to see those pics…she is not afraid to show emotion like “some celebrities”….

    new york…pissshhhh that alien

  9. I am so happy for her. I lost someone close to me and in the beginning it is a struggle to move on and I am glad that she is being strong and moving forward. Congrats to she & David.

  10. Congrats Jennifer!! Many Blessings to you!!!! I know she will be a very pretty Bride!

  11. @ Iris
    I heard the same thing. He looks a little “supsect” to me.

    Anyhoo..I hope everything works out for Jennifer. Lord knows she’s been through enough.

  12. i can’t wait 2 see the pictures. i just wish her all the happiness in the world! :thumbsup:

    As for believing anything that comes out of New York’s mouth? PLEASE!!! she was dumb enough to get played not once but twice by the SAME fugly man and on NATIONAL tv. We know she slept with at least half of the dudes from each season of “I Love New York”. a “nightcap” my a$$, who do these people think they are fooling with that? Don’t insult our intelligence. :stop:

  13. All these congrats…no 1 is worried? She dated dave 4 just 4monthe & he propsed. THen the next month her parents were murdered.

    jhud plllllllllleeeeeeeeease have a longr engagement! U dated James from 99- 07 which is 8 yrs vs just 7mo w dave!

    and def def def GET A PRENUP !

  14. Don’t know the details about her private life, really don’t care. Just congratulations. it’s not that serious to analyze other people lives like that.

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