Jennifer Hudson Lands “Sex & The City” Role

Academy Award winning singer and actress, Jennifer Hudson, is working her Oscar win for all it’s worth. Rumor has it the budding diva will make her first appearance on the big screen since Dreamgirls, in New Line Cinema’s, Sex And The City movie. Jennifer will be playing Carrie Bradshaw’s personal assistant and no, there is no singing involved and I don’t think anyone will be stealing Jennifer’s man this time around (lol). Besides Sex, which is due to hit theaters sometime next year, you can also look for Jennifer to co-star in the Jackie Robinson biopic being directed by Robert Redford, as well as Winged Creatures, a movie about a group of people who form a bond after surviving a random cafe shooting in Los Angeles.


  1. A Black lady in Sex and the City!! Should be interesting. The last time they had a sister they had one who was hating on Samantha for dating her brother. All I could think was how unoriginal. Hopefully, Jennifer’s role will be a bit more real.

  2. Terrific! I was going to see this movie simply because I was a fan of show for six years, but now I have another reason to check it out – Jennifer Hudson. I already know she has beautiful voice and now I’m looking forward to seeing her in different roles to prove her acting skills in Dreamgirls and Oscar win were legit and well deserved.

  3. I think that is great but I do have a prediction. I feel like when she comes out with her first album, Beyonce will try to settle the score by releasing her third at the same time. But here is the kicker…..I believe that she will out sale her. I think even though she may not be as physically appealing…home girl has met her match in Ms. Jennifer Hudson.

  4. I am so happy to see Hollywood is embracing this young beautiful sista. YOU GO GIRL.

    Not to bring Beyonce into the equation, but it just seems like she has been working over time since the whole Oscar snub. I also think that Beyonce is working on a new album in December because she is not getting offered a lot of movie scripts like she wanted. I think Bey thought that Dreamgirls was going to make her this bona fide movie star that every top movie director was going to want to work with. Looks like that is not happening.

    But kudos to both sistas for making news for doing positive things with their lives.

  5. Yes, Yes, but what the h_ll…. The only role they can give to a Black woman is that of the main character’s personal assistant? Unsurprising but sad…

  6. i don’t think we should be mad at her playing a personal assistant. it sounds liek a great role and i’m happy to see that j-hud isn’t being typecasted as the asexual best friend or mammy type like queen latifah. sex and the city movie is a guareenteed hit and will only cause jennifer’s star to rise!

  7. Why is Beyonce name in every post ????? Cograts Jen but I already know she will be the loud sista girl in yo face

  8. Why must everything come down to race…jeez. I have been a fan of SATC since day one when it debuted on cable in 1998 and I am a black woman BUT I am a woman and we as women can relate to the show no matter the race of the females-at least I can. I for one am happy that Jennifer is in the movie, who cares what the role is. It is a major score for her in my book being in a high profile movie such as SATC.

  9. It is time! I am 63 years old and have been watching tv since the 50’s and have only seen Julia a black woman in a tv show. So it is past time. Good luck Jennifer, I hope you do well in the role you have been given.
    Nik, everything comes down to race because that is the way the white man has determined the boundaries to be set. Black people didn’t set the standards because we don’t have the power to do so, white man has the power and they are the ones who say to blacks “you can become a star when we allow you to become a star.” Do you think that Jennifer is the only black star there is? How many others do you know off the top of your head? You know how many years it took to get the black cast members on the daytime stories? Nik, you must be in your 30’s because you don’t know much. lol, just keep on livin’…

  10. I think it’s sad that you beleive it should all come down to race, sad way to live. We don’t have the power to do so? Did anybody watch the MTV VMA’S..all of the performers were R&B, HIP HOP, and RAP artists of black or ethnic backrounds. We’ve made our way through and I’m proud that she got that role. It doesn’t matter what show it’s on, or what role she is playing. Anybody, no matter what race would be happy to be a part of the hit congrats jen you do your thing, I can’t wait to see it!

  11. Another OSCAR for Jennifer ….because you know this movie will win all kinds of awards…the most anticipated movie for 2008..everyone is waiting to see this move, including myself..I heard she was hand picked for this role..

  12. I’m glad for Ms. Hudson. My concern in the element of the show itself. I really don’t care for the whole concept of the show, the promiscuity and lack of self-control with the area of sexual activity. I got the impression that Ms. Hudson was a Christian and what does that say about her position in Christ. We have to make sure we don’t make Christ of no effect. What we as Christians do the whole world is watching and in this day we need to be more careful about what we show the world.

  13. Wow. She landed a part in “Sex in the City.” This is a big deal. That is one of the most successful shows of today’s pop culture and has a huge following. Do your thing Ms. Hudson.

  14. Excuse me “Msslady” but in MY OPINION my post was positive so it is interesting that you chose to point it out. Please do not pull your AGISM crap on me by saying what age bracket I must be in. I simply stated why must the first comment about someone’s good fortune turn into a race debate. We should be proud of Jennifer Hudson for scoring a role in one of the most anticipated movies of the year. I am sure she is not complaining about the role. Furthermore I do not need a walk down history lane from you, I know our history. I do not what channels you’re watching but there have been plenty of black women on my tv screen but then again you and I are clearly from different demographics.

  15. PS. “Mssylady”, 63 year old wise one… I know plenty so I will say to you to keep living and stop with the ignorant judgemental insults.

  16. Although I am truly happy for Jennifer Hudson, I have to agree with MissLady. We all know who is in control of the media and when it is all said and done, it does boil down to race. There is no getting around that. Let’s not pretend that since it is 2007 things have changed because they haven’t. Yeah you see more of us on TV, but what are our roles in alot of these shows? She’s playing Carrie’s assistant? In my opinion, that’s not far from playing a “mammy” role. And she probably will be that loud, nosy, black woman. Instead of trying to break down and get into Hollywood why don’t we start our own production companies instead of trying to get into theirs? When will we ever learn?

  17. Why does it have to be a race issue? As popular as the Sex in the City series was, many actresses would have wanted that role just to be a part of the movie and that want Jennifer.

    How many movies have had female assistants who are white, many. Let’s just be happy that Hollywood is embracing this young sista and one who does not fit the perfect fair skinned size 6 image.

  18. Thank you Bria-my point in a nutshell. I am moving on from this particular board-enough said.

  19. Congratulations to Jennifer Hudson. I am so proud of her and can not wait to see this movie. I also can barely wait for her first album to be re-leased. Kudos!

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