Jennifer Hudson Slays the Oscars

Does anyone ever tune in to the Oscars to see the actual winners? I know I don’t. I tune in to see the musical performances which over the last few years have gotten a lot better.

Tonight was no exception, thanks to 2007’s ‘Best Supporting Actress’ winner Jennifer Hudson. J-Hud harkened back to her ‘Dreamgirls’ days, performing an amazing rendition of ‘And I Am Telling You,’ during the evening’s tribute to musicals.

Jennifer tore the house down and got a generous standing ovation for her effort.

Check out her performance, as well as stage and red carpet pics, below.


  1. To be honest, *I* think she KILLED only about the last seconds of it, I didn’t care for some of the ad-libs/arrangement (the way she presented the notes to us, not of the song itself). She still did a great job and the standing ovation was deserved, but I much prefer her 06-07′ performances compared to this one.

  2. You should have posted Dame Shirley Basey she SLAYED EVERYBODY period.

  3. On the whole, Dame Bassey, Miss JHud and soon-to-be-(i hope)-Dame Adele SLAYED. Standing-ovations well deserved.

  4. Good for Jennifer…I don`t watch The Oscars, just a room full of phony people

  5. @John I agree I did not like the way she changed the vocal arrangement in the beginning of the song. But she did an awesome job other wise. I like the performance dress and loved the arrival dress. But Halle Berry was the best dressed for me last night her dress was BAD!

  6. Change is good sometimes. If she had sung the same way as ’07, people would have probably complained too.

  7. Am I the only one who thought it sounded the same way it did all the other times she performed it?? Love her voice though

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