Jennifer Hudson Then and Now

During last night’s X Factor finale you may have gotten a glimpse of Jennifer Hudson’s new Weight Watchers commercial.

In the clip, Jennifer takes a walk down memory lane, juxtaposing images of her larger self performing “I Believe in You and Me” with her now smaller self.

According to Weight Watchers, Jennifer is their most successful spokesperson ever, reportedly bringing the company over 2 million new customers since she signed on.


  1. Love it, the last great season of American Idol!…I thought it was an AI promo…really cute commercial!

  2. awesome commercial! WW struck gold in endorsing JHud.

    Is it just me or was the audio a bit off?

  3. I like the commercial. I thought Jennifer was beatiful with the weight, but if the weight loss makes her happy and healthy then I’m all for it. WEight Waychers made a great choice.

  4. i love jhud and im a weight watchers member too but im ready for Jessica Simpson to take over.

    Jhud cant get any skinnier and i need a new CHUB motivator lol.

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