Jennifer Hudson To Grace The March Cover Of Vogue Magazine

Jennifer Hudson Vogue Cover It was reported some weeks ago that Jennifer Hudson had done a photo shoot for Vogue Magazine and now official word has come down that Jen not only did a shoot but will also be gracing the cover of the March issue.Rumor has it that Andre Leon Talley himself oversaw the session which was shot by Annie Lebowitz at the Apollo Theater and also includes original Supremes member, Mary Wilson.No pics have been made available so far but when they are we will of course post them here.

Vogue Editor Anna Wintour is not known for putting Black women on the cover of her magazine and definitely not a full figured one.The last Black woman to grace the cover was Halle Berry back in 2002 and I believe Oprah Winfrey, who was forced to drop 50 pounds, some years before that.

I don’t usually buy Vogue regardless of who is on the cover but I will definitely pick up this issue just to support Jennifer.

[Update] I just got these pics of Jennifer below but I cannot say for sure what they are for or when they were taken.

Jennifer HudsonJennifer HudsonJennifer HudsonJennifer Hudson

[Update2] Photos from Jennifer’s shoot were released today and I have added them below.

Jennifer HudsonJennifer Hudson


  1. Now you all know they are gonna airbrush her to within an inch of her life.They did it with Ophrie and will do it with Jennifer too.I still look forward to seeing it though and I’m glad she is getting some love from the masses.

  2. Those pics came were taken last year for her piece in Rolling Stone.

  3. I doubt they were taken last year because they were just posted on Wire Image yesterday and dated February 8th.

  4. She looks great! Go Jennifer. I hope to see her around for years to come. I don’t want the same thing to happen to her as did Jennifer Holiday, she hasn’t done much since the original dreamgirls. Go Jen 🙂

  5. I lovher!!!!!! She is so dope to me! That is God restoring years that she may have felt she lost and I’m so happy that she is being used and is so humble and modest with it. :dance2:

  6. See that’s love!!!! Nobody is hating on her!! I’m so happy!!! She’s a star! That’s Real Black Star Power!:brownsista:

  7. :dance:YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! LUV IT! She ‘s such a pretty woman! I saw Dream Girls twice and can’t wait for the dvd. Good for her she’s so very talented.Can’t wait for some more real songstresses to come out like her. Team JHUD.:koolaid:

  8. I buy vogue every once in a while, so I know I’m going to buy it with J.Hud on it. I am so happy for her she deserves everything she’s got and has going for her.:smile:

  9. This article has been updated with pics from Jennifer’s shoot.I am personally not too fond of them but will pick up the issue anyway.

  10. Those pics of her in Vogue are just awful.They seemed to actually be mocing her.All these pics of her with her mouth open looking like she bout to catch flies are rediculous.Why would wnyone take these photos? I bet this turns out to be one of their lowest selling issues ever.These pics make her look like a log moth mammy.ig thumbs down to Vogue, Annie Liebowitz and Andre Leon Tally. :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown:

  11. Dag Beyonce is pissed. You know she wants to be the first to do everything and Jennifer is the first black singer to grace the cover :|. Well she is going to be on sports illustrated 😆

  12. Personally, I agree with Sarai.. those are really useless photos. I mean this is vogue! Is that the best they could come up with?? I’ve seen much better pictures of her at award shows, she is a really beautiful girl. If they are trying to prove a point that overweight people don’t sell magazines, they are going to be seriously dissapointed b’cos Jenfier has tonns of fans.
    ….As for Beyonce, one of the reasons people keep on pitching her against Jenifer is b’cos she has already on reached the peak of sucess , sucessful band,solo, song writing, acting etc.and the only way is down. After all, the other black girl in dream girls won a Tony award nobody’s making fun of her lack of anything. Besides, I don’t know why the media na d people like to pitch women against women; after all Eddie murphy is winning all the awards, and jamie fox wasn’t even nominated, and he didn’t even recieve a grammy, beyonce did.

  13. I’m going to have to agree with some of the above posters. I hate the pictures. I like Jen and all and I’m happy for her success, but this is Vogue. Why is her mouth wide open? They should have gone classy/serious with her on the cover. They definitely could have done better for her. Andre Leon Talley, you’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do:thumbsdown:

  14. beyonce on sports illustrated come on jen is gracing V O G U E now that is the :thumbsup:
    and i think jen looks beautiful Im sure her family is proud:smile:

  15. correct me if im wrong but why does beyonce look lighter in some of those pics she si standing next lol did they photoshop her skin color is she ashamed her color ?:???:

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