Jennifer Hudson Won An Oscar!

Jennifer Hudson Ordinarily I would have waited for pics before I posted this- but I was so excited for Jennifer that I just had to get it out.I did not watch the Oscar telecast but instead turned to it sporadically to catch the categories in which she and Eddie Murphy were nominated in.Unfortunately, Eddie did not win the Oscar for best supporting actor but at least Jennifer did and we congratulate her for that.Stay tuned for the pics…

[Update] Pics added


  1. [quote post=”1704″]I did not watch the Oscar telecast but instead turned to it sporadically to catch the categories in which she and Eddie Murphy were nominated in[/quote]
    I did the same thing.That show is so dull and boring and if Dreamgirls hadn’t been up for so many awards I would not have watched at all.

    Jeniifer’s win was great and I was sad Eddie didn’t get it too.But for weeks now they had been saying that Norbit would hurt his chances.I do not think what he did in one movie should affect his Oscar chances of another but apparently that is how the game is played.

    Congrats to Jennifer and right now I am just waiting to see the performances by Jennifer, Beyonce and Anika.

  2. Jennifer blew everyone out the box but I didn’t know Anika’s voice was so strong! Beyonce couldn’t hang when they were all on stage together! That’s out of her league anyway. I loved the dresses!

  3. I was just on Google reading about how there is a supposed backlash against Dreamgirls because many (who is many) seem to think the movie was overrated.They even predicted that dull Melissa Ethridge song would win best song over all those awesome Dreamgirl songs.It is really sad to see Dreamgirls being insulted in such a way but I can’t say I’m overly shocked.It is a Black movie afterall minus any shuckin’ and jivin’ that Hollyweird loves so much.

    I loved the performances and thought everyone did well.I knew Anika could really sing because I had heard her before.

    Oh well, Dreamgirls will get the love where it matters most and that is with it’s fans.

  4. lol beyonce was shocked when j.hud won and hugged her fake ass lol

    she had the nerve to say “sing it girl!” lol
    j.hud looked at her like b-yotch! lol

  5. I did notice a little tension between Beyonce and J-Hud, on the stage. Beyonce seemed to play it off by being overly nice and happy for J-Hud, but it didn’t seem genuine. Beyonce looked gorgeous, but the three of their voices are so different and didn’t match at all!

    Forest Whittaker’s speech was awesome. The best I heard this evening. Did you hear him thank the ancestors! :thumbsup:

  6. Dag, Forest won? I stopped watching after the Dreamgirls performance.Congrats to our brotha for bringing it home. :thumbsup:

  7. Congrats Jennifer Hudson! GOD is really blessing her and I hope that she remains humble after all her newfound success.

  8. am so excited for jen!! omg i cant beleive it….loved the performance. :iagree:

  9. Pics added.

    This dress is so much nicer than the one she wore on the red carpet.It is definitely befitting an Academy Award Winner. :brownsista:

  10. I love this dress better than the one Jen wore on the red carpet but she should consider wearing a girdle to hide that tummy just a little more. I love her nonetheless. And I peeped when Beyonce said sing it girl, Beyonce knows good and damn well Jennifer will sing her out of that building! I think Jennifer and Anika have the strong voices. Beyonce couldn’t hang at all!

  11. hell yes jennifer won she beat beyonce out lastnght on stage beyonce tried to sing over jens voice but she failed everybody knows beyonce can sing just not as good as jennifer she thought if she screams people would like her more you could see the jealousy in beyonces eyes when jennifer won the oscar she was heated its about time somebody else won something im sick of beyonce she thinks the world owes her something if you ask me she played herself but what goes around comes back beyonce is so fake in her ways when jennifer comes out on a cd she will win big at the grammys too beyonce thinks she has the music thing locked down plus she can’t act to save her life well im happy for jenniferhudson beyonce cant always be on top and why did she try to out sing jennifer on stage tellin her to sing it girl shes so jealous of other singers she wont get far being stuck :mrgreen: :lol2: up

  12. :booty: beyonce is a stuck up whore trying to sing over jennifer big natural voice are you kidding me beyonce need to go somewhere always trying to steal the spotlight you lost one this time tell jay to sing that song for you cause you really lost one

  13. OMG I did peep how Jennifer ignored Beyonce when she said, “Sing girl” :lol2: I actually felt bad for her at that moment. But it was funny, I see that Jennifer did hug Beyonce when she won, It seemed to be very quick. And Beyonce’s father didn’t even get up to hug her (at least, I didn’t see it). I am so glad for her, I wish her the best, I hope she doesn’t slump from her. She seems to have a good promotion team. But yes, I agree their voices on stage did not mix, I wonder if they rehearsed together. And Bey did seem like she was lost sharing the stage w/them. I think Anika, was trying to shine last night because everyone was talking about Bey & Jen

  14. jennifer hudson deserved that oscar beyonce is not that great she thinks she can sing better than jen but i think beyonce jealous of jennifer did you see her face when jennifer won yes bee you are having a rough year and everybody knows thats what you get for trying to take all the spotlight i can see right through bee shes so fake she thinks shes better than everyone else not this time missy you wont go home with a globe or oscar you really dont desreve one you cant act at all and your cd is trash get over yourself your fans are dissapointed in you plus jennifer hudson will sing you off the stage if she really wanted too:lol2:

  15. beyonce lost 2 ha ha this woman is a hog she wants everything beyonce give it up jennifer is better than u :bag:

  16. beyonce all you do is try to scream over jens voice she has it natural she dont have to force out tunes to be liked im happy for jennifer because beyonce has been in the spotlight since she was 15 trs old she used her group to get as big as she is shes the only one with a recent album well latavia is on myspace shes coming out soon well anyway beyonce needs to back off she cant win everything plus she cant act so why would she get a globe or oscars did ya see her face she was shocked when jen got the oscars she looked so pissed inside shes so concieted and she thinks shes the shit beyonce your cd sucks all your fans are like 17yrs old grown people know what your really on and that hollywood song with jay is crazy yall talking bout i see ya jealousy well who jealous of be lauren hill got lots of grammys too she can sing way better than you other people can sing better than beyonce they just dont spend their time trying to be seen 24/7 like bee she loves to take it off her body is boring we seen it a million times jennifer hudson is the truth she will become a legend one day:lol2::lol2::lol2:

  17. beyonce cant act all she do is try to be better than everyone i heard shes making a video for get me bodied what does that mean anyway shes wierd she still making videos for b-day and the cd sucks she must be desperate for fans hanging out with matt at the oscars her daddy wanna be there to support her i guess it aint like she was gonna win something he could of stayed at home shes a daddys girl 4 sho im happy for jennifer only:lol2:

  18. Some of you seem just a bit too happy that Beyonce wasn’t the star of the evening.Can’t you just be happy for Jennifer without going off on Beyonce?

  19. Anika Noni Rose is a Tony-award winning actress. She’s been a Broadway star for a while now and its sad she got NO love from Dreamgirls. J-Hud- you betta DO it girl!

  20. we ARE happy for jen….. who the hell said we weren’t?

    moving on………..

    yeah beyonce is sick like it ain’t shit! this is truly not her year! relax, go home and have a drink…

  21. Ecstatic that Jennifer won, and am sorry Eddie lost, but can’t be too unhappy that Forrest walked away with one. We kept it in the family.

  22. I am very happy for Jennifer. What a wonderful story. She always looks so elegant. Although I wasn’t too crazy with the Dreamgirls performance. They were trying to out sing one another.

  23. …and if I may add my own $.02 about the Beyonce backlash…we may all agree she’s not as talented, but I think her not winning has reflected that, and she has every right to feel a jealous pang. But it’s no reason to rub her nose in it. She’s been in the bidness much longer then Jen, and her 15 minutes is winding down. I doubt she would say she had a less than stellar 15 minutes…

  24. Come now, everyone…DO NOT GLOAT and continue to pit these two against each other. 🙂

    Both ladies are beautiful and last night Oscar spoke and extended his hand to Jennifer Hudson and Forest Whitaker. Ain’t it just a beautiful thing?

    Beyonce has accomplished SO MUCH in her 25+ years! If anything (since she says ‘now’ that she wants to win an Oscar) this will propel her further with her career to go on and do big things. Jennifer, by the same token, by WINNING this award will go on to do even greater things.

    No need to be catty. God bless our beautiful Black people all up in the Kodak theatre on Oscar night. 🙂

  25. Oh, I cosign with #26 and because of that, I just felt the performance overall was kinda… BLECH. :brownsista:

  26. Well anyway the oscars was boring as hell until 10:30 when Jen won. I was so happy at first I thought they were going to give it to won of the whiteys. And Beyonce looked very happy win Jen won. She was in tears of joy. I don’t know why some of ya’ll making a dispute of Beyonce and Jennifer. It’s very stupid, especially coming from black people. They was not trying to outsing one another, they looked like they were having fun. Bey, Jen, Anika amd that other guy did excellent. They the ones made the show live. I was cheering for Forest Whitaker too. I was Djimon would of won he was very good not that hoeass man on Little Miss Shineshine. I’m Out.:brownsista:

  27. :iagree:I rarely watch the Oscars — the last time I watched was when Holly Berry won the ?? Award for Cat Woman and she appeared to accept; however, previews from Oprah; commentary from the Tom Joyner Morning Show (KISS 104) and the notion that the cast from Dream Girls compelled me to peep 🙂 Ellen made the usually drab program interesting. I could see the love in Beyonce’s eyes when Jennifer Hudson WON! My goose bumps had goose bumps when Jennifer accepted her award.

  28. how can beyonce be having a bad year? her album is almost 5X platium worldwide. Jhud got the Oscar but beyonce got the cheque. she gets $10 million for the movie she gets 17% of the dreamgirls cd sales. The cd is distributed through Music World entertainment which is 50% own by beyonce. so every time Jhud sings that song and someone buys the cd its money in her pocket. She got the cover of SI , she’s re- releasing her album with videos for almost every song., ireplaceable spend 10 weeks @ # 1 on billboard. its still # 1 on the world chart after 12 weeks. Bday is still in the top 30 after 5 months,her world tour which starts in Australia is sold out
    and she won a grammy. She got nominated for a GG. lots of artist would kill for half of these achievements in one year.

  29. So I’m going to go against the grain and say that I was surprised Jennifer Hudson won. I didn’t think her performance was Oscar worthy at all. She didn’t bring anything original or fresh to Effie. She just mimicked what Jennifer Holliday did. I thought the little girl from “Little Miss Sunshine” was going to take it, but oh well… I can’t be mad, because we have another Black Oscar winner :brownsista: I really didn’t see why everyone was mad that the movie wasn’t nominated for Best Picture, because truthfully it wasn’t that good. I mean the music was great, but that’s about it.

  30. And ireplaceable the spanish version went to # 4 on the Latin chart

  31. Personally I thought that Anika Noni Rose should have been nominated. She evolved the most and brought the most to her character. But the Oscars rarely get it right so…..


  33. I have become totally disgusted with Beyonce’s fans who are the most hateful group of witches to ever walk the face of the earth.Anyone associated with Beyonce is loved until they try and do their own thing.If Kelly ever out shined Beyonce you would see them turn on her as well.

    Dreamgirls was suppose to solidify Beyonce as a true actress but all it really did was propel Jennifer Hudson to stardom and showcase Beyonce doing what she does best, singing.Her acting was dull and bland and she way over her head compared to her cast mates.

    Jennifer Hudson on the other hand was right in tune with the roll of Effie and pulled it off beautifully.

    None of us know what will happen for Beyonce or Jennifer next but it sickens me how hateful Bey’s fans are towards another sister doing well.

    Beyonce has her success and now another sister is trying to get hers and God bless her.

    I hope Jennifer and Anika do well acting wise because both have shown that they definitely have a gift for it.

    Beyonce should stick to singing and performing because that is her gift.Real hardcore acting is not her forte and prolly never will be.She can’t have it all.No one can.

  34. Malcolm,

    You must be a die hard Beyonce fan you’re on every Beyonce forum quoting stats and sales like you’re her manager. True enough she may have had good sales and making good money. But she IS NOT getting the awards and the attention that her last album generated. Like it or not she got SHUT DOWN in Dream Girls! I don’t care how much money she’s making.


  35. I must say that the Oscar performance was great. I didn’t see all of the tention and competing that some people have been reporting and saying that the girls were trying to out sing each other. They all sing good.

  36. Let’s just be happy for both women. Let’s be happy for Beyonce for what she has become and for what Jennifer is about to become. One has a Grammy and the other an Oscar, two major awards. Both have their own style of music and a different way of presenting it. Beyonce is more of a performer/entertainer and Jennifer is a real soulful singer. Both have appeared on major magazines. With that said, both women are beautiful, talented and successful.

    I just feel really bad for Anika because she has been completely overshadowed by all of this madness. :brownsista:

  37. Personally I thought that Anika Noni Rose should have been nominated. She evolved the most and brought the most to her character. Effie was a little bland to me. I mean I wasn’t moved by Jhud’s performance, but apparently some people were. And I won’t even start on Deena, Beyonce was lackluster at best. I don’t know why anyone thought this movie was supposed to propel Beyonce because anyone who knows anything knows that the story centered around Effie.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Jennifer Holliday win a Tony after her performance in Dreamgirls?

  38. Beyonce has done a lot in the past three or four years to be proud of. But I think the fact that she truley over marketed herself in this movie role and got absolutely no recognition for her acting skills has totally shocked her. Beyonce herself has openly admitted that she desperately wanted an Oscar award and that this was her break out role to prove that she could act. But being a pop goddess and winning nine Grammy’s does not make you an instant movie star. Maybe she thought that her status in the music world would automatically generate all kinds of best actress awards for this role. Maybe now she will regroup and humble herself and count her blessings.

    Other than that, she is a very good entertainer and performer.

    In Jennifer Hudson’s case, she was probably just happy to get her first break not realizing the outcome. She didn’t have a plan; she just wanted to get a break. And talk about the pressure of your first big gig working with seasoned veterans like Danny Glover, Eddie and Jamie and the pop goddes herself. She nailed it like a pro and it paid off big time. She is probably just as shock as the rest of us.

    But, that is just my two cents.


  39. I am so happy for Jennifer. She has garnered the most prestigious award in the entertainment industy on her first role. She has a path in acting if she chooses. If not, she is a talented singer with the ability to be around for a while. Her sound is so soulful and grabs you.

    I’m not worried about Anika at all. The girl is so talented and beautiful, she will have more awards to accompany her Tony. She is a silent threat and I believe she will receive many opportunities.

    Josie, :iagree: I have to say I’ve been thinking the same thing for a minute. Beyonce’s fans irritate me more and more because they spout all this “everyone hates Beyonce because she’s the best” but can’t accept when she is outshined. Someone said earlier that her fans must be young. I completely agree. The young ones think she defines/has defined music when she is doing what has already been done. I can always tell an adult fan because they can recognize not only her accomplishments but her faults. I can appreciate Beyonce’s music but she is nowhere near what her fans make her and has a ways to go. She should quit acting and concentrate on upping her music game. She excels at performing so she concentrate on taking that to the next level. She can’t be good at everything but I guess her parents never told her that.

  40. :iagree:

    I agree Lisa Renee,

    I feel young people have a hard time understanding the difference between opinon and hate. When you’re so star struck by a celebrity that you believe this person can do no wrong and everybody has to love this person, that’s seriously imature. All stars have people that are not fans of theirs.

    Nobody is hating on Bey it’s just for once in her career she was out done.

  41. Call it whatever you want, I think it’s good that she has passionate fans who love her because everyone has a celebrity that they think can do no wrong. So stop trying to act like you don’t becuase either you openly admit it or you worship them in private.
    In every case you’re going to have the extremes-people who love her and people who hate her. I think it’s a good thing. When you elicit those kinds of emotions from people then you’re obviously doing something right. It would be different if everybody hated her because she wouldn’t sell any records. Or if everybody was indifferent towards her like I am Jennifer Hudson because I just think she’s ok. I won’t rush out to buy anything that she’s in. But Beyonce’s fans do that. So I say that it’s great that Beyonce polarizes people. It’s obviously good for business.

  42. @Shay If you believe for one minute people should have celebrities that they worship in such a way that they think in public or in private they can do NO WRONG! You are living in a fantasy world! B.I.G said it best more money more problems. It’s nice to think that everyone with money and popularity, fame whatever can do no wrong but that’s not reality. I used to feel the same way you did when I was young. But I’m a grown ass woman with problems of my own at times so with all the crazed fans who are bananas over Beyonce need a wake up call. Just like Diana Ross who had similar fans you see her now don’t you!!! To be in God’s favor is a beautiful thing but to become a star by doing people dirty and getting away with it plus making millions with movies and whatnot is not the way to do it. If you are truly a talented person with a gift of song and whatever else (ex JHud) You don’t have to step on anyones toes it will come to you b/c you deserve it ❗

  43. And another thing, it’s sad when someone accomplishes alot in their lifetime and when it’s time for someone else to shine they can’t respect them nor congratulate from the heart and not doing it as a front or cover up. On TV people say one thing b/c it doesn’t look good for someone to downplay another entertainer. But in all actuality it’s a HUGE front! I see this at church, at work and God knows where else. Just b/c people have money doesn’t mean they aren’t human with feelings and that they can’t get petty or simple-minded like some people tend to act from time to time.

  44. hahahahahha those were not tears of joy from beyonce… she was like WTF why did she win…hahahha and i bet mathew was like ohh hell naw… this bit*h done won again..hahah man the real test comes up when jhud releases her album if its a flop then… beyonce still has a chance to rekindle her position… but rite now.. i dont care wat beyoncez up to i jus gotta hear jennifers material coz girl can sang… she dont gotta shake her ass in whore cloths:booty: on stage to impress me… she jus gotta bring that song home… and not to mention the oscar is the highest award ur ass can get.. and beyonce just dont got it… am sorry especially beyonce fanatics… they hate anythin better than beyonce… well she dont gat it… lol she dont… sorry but she doesnt..hahahaha u go jen..:banana:

  45. I think Dreamgirls is a GREAT movie. I think all of the actors did a wonderful job!!! All the awards and recognition for the film were well deserved! Dreamgirls is my favorite movie. I just hate the fact that black folk are starting all these RUMORS that Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson have tension. Both are great actresses and singers. They BOTH did a terrific job in this movie. They should NOT be compared. Whenever a young black star achieves success, jealous folk always have to try and bring them down. Both girls were happy for each other. They were happy that Dreamgirls turned out to be such a success! There was NO tension between the two! And NOBODY is trying to outshine the other. END OF DISCUSSION! You guys need prayer. God Bless and have a good day!

  46. And I’d like to add one more thing:
    The Academy Award (Oscar) that Jennifer Hudson won was based on her acting performance in the film. All the actors did a TERRIFIC job!!! And all of them sang well too!!! But you people really need to sit back and read what you’re writing before you post it. Why do you have to tear one person down in order to life the other? Grow up! Everyone in the film was AWESOME and there should be NO comparisons whatsoever!

  47. I am just extremely happy for Jennifer. It is just nice to see that a beautiful chocolate sister is the talk of the town not for her looks and body, but for her raw talent.


  48. @Kitten

    Grow up please. It’s not the end of the world. I could care less that people love Beyonce or hate her, because she doesn’t pay any of my bills, nor does she pay any of yours. You’re acting like she personally wronged you or something. And you are going by what someone says she did to them and basing your opinion on hear say. Do you know what Beyonce does in board rooms? I don’t think so. How do you know she wasn’t happy for the girl, because a gossip site said she wasn’t? That’s just crazy. She doesn’t have to be best friends with Jennifer Hudson to support her. It’s the entertainment industry, not Sunday School. Get over it!!

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