Jennifer Hudson’s 1st. Week Album Sales

Wow! Despite not having a certified hit with her first single, Spotlight, singer Jennifer Hudson’s first solo CD is still on track to sell about 225,000 copies. According to Hits Daily Double, rapper T.I will come in at #1 with sales of his “Paper Trail” exceeding 500,000. While Jennifer will land in the #2 spot, followed closely by Robin Thicke who is projected to sell about 150,000 copies of his “Something Else” CD. This is of course fabulous news for Jennifer and tops off an already spectacular year the singer has been having. Jennifer’s appeared in a hit movie (Sex and the City), gotten engaged, is about to appear in another movie (The Secret Life Of Bees) and now has a top 10 album to boot.

Congrats to Jennifer. The sista can sang and definitely deserves all the success she has been blessed with over the last few years.


  1. Daannngggg! How is it that I didn’t know any of these albums were coming out?! :lol2:

    It’s funny to me.
    I was always this music savvy gal….. hmmm. I’m getting old. πŸ™„

    I’ll check out Robin Thicke’s album, that’s about it.

  2. Congrats to JHud, i honestly didnt think she’d do well considering spotlight is in my opinion a mediocre song.

    She is extremely talented though, but she needs to work on creating better material if she wants to stay in the business.

  3. I need to go ahead and buy this cd! I think the last time I purchased a cd it had to have been around 2003 or 04′ when Anthony Hamilton cd came out with “Charlene” and “Coming From Where I’m From” on it! Jennifer is a real singer. Her voice is strong and on point! I have always been the type of person who spends money on quality music. And now with the economy all messed up, every dime counts! Finally someone with a real voice. I love Fantasia, JHud, Jazmine Sullivan, Jill Scott, Teena Marie, Faith Evans, the old Whitney, Rachelle Ferrell and few others. But most of the people I’ve named aren’t any new come-rs most are old school so I mean damn! We need more singers like Jazmine and a bigger variety. Now its like we’re limited to a handful of people. It’s crazy!

  4. J Hud’s CD is good….I love Spotlight, If This Isn’t Love, Giving Myself, What’s Wrong w/T-Pain, and Can’t Stop the Rain!!!!

  5. I was listening to a morning radio show, and they played a clip of her singing (impromptu) Natural Woman, it was phenomenal!

    Robin Thicke’s new CD is very old school, I like it

  6. Yikes…it sucks that after how big “Lost Without U” was last year, his newest record is disappearing without a whimper. Especially since I love “Magic”.

  7. I like Jennifer. She’s young and is doing the damn thing…I dunno about her fiance; but to each is own.

  8. I love the Tank-produced “We Gon’ Fight.” I have had that song on repeat since I got the CD. LOL

    Her voice is truly one in a million. :bowdown:

  9. I got the album and i am so damn happy ENOUGH with hollywood curse to make sisters look like white girls in order to sell cds I m happy that for once in a longtime TRUE TALENT IS CELEBRATED instead of a more marketable body, she has an oscar good cd sales I’ m so so so happy for jen I’ m about to cry then have a tequila shot for her
    I love her and i’ m happy! finally those chicks that can’ t sing are going to get it!

  10. Get’Em J!!! That what’s up!!! Thicke is my boy too. My Favorite white boy! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

  11. Go Jennifer! I heard good things about her CD already. I heard that she has some pretty good songs, so I think I will definately buy it. I am very careful about what I buy (not all music lines up with my beliefs) but I think I will buy this. She has a great voice! Good luck to her.

  12. Wow…Liya you are so right about music lining up with your beliefs! I agree with most, J-Hud is truly talented. This has been her year (as well as ’07) and I hope she continues to hold it down. Unfortunately I can’t afford to buy her cd. LOL I have to decide between her and Musiq. And he has yet to dissapoint so I’m gonna have to go with him this time. I will go see her in the Secret Lives of Bees (I have some free movie tickets) LOL.

  13. It takes me about two months to decide if I’m going to buy a CD so…..yeah I’m gonna wait for Musiq. Yes times are that hard for a brown sista!

    The last CD I purchased I purchased was Mary’s. I’m on like a 3 CD a year budget. πŸ™

  14. @LIYAH HEY GIRL @VOICE YOU IS TOO FUNNY OK SHOT SOUND REAL GOOD FOR THE WEEKEND LOL. im going to buy it next week because i heard it sold out in alot of stores. I was at some other site they was not liking her album but i think they was young and do not know real music. Im supporting my girl im so proud of her too. She been looking good and she herself you can tell she not letting nobody change her. Robin Thicke im coping that one too i love the way they both sing and im going to see the movie with all beautiful black women and the white girl lol.

  15. I got her CD and I love it! I wasn’t going to spend my money on a CD, but I was really curious. It was a good buy. Go JHUD!

  16. I brought the CD the first day and it was sold out at two Targets in my area. The CD is very nice. It is not as soulful as I thought it would be, but with her age, I guess they wanted to mix it up to attract a younger crowd and possible have the mass appeal. Overall, it is a very nice CD. My favorite tune has to be the final track called β€œJesus Promised Me a Home.” Just powerful! Gospel is definitely her roots and her comfort zone. The girl has some major pipes.

    Congratulations to you Jennifer.

  17. Wow. Her first week sales are more than both Kelly Rowland and Solange put together.

    Michelle Williams will probably have sales around 40,000 if that much. Not being hateful, but truthful. Michelle gets less attention and promotion than both Kelly and Solange.

  18. This is wonderful for JHud. I like the ‘Spotlight’ song; don’t care if people deem it mediocre. If it’s indicative of the rest of the album, sounds like a solid buy to me. I’ve got so many to purchase: Robin, Jazmine, JHud, etc. I’m loving it though. Look forward to John Legend’s new one, too. And others…so many others. Gonna be broke buying records. πŸ˜† πŸ™‚ :brownsista:

  19. I bought it the first day and had to threaten some teenage girl to get it, we reach at it at the same time I was like “Back Up” lmbo! Jennifer Is soo talented and i was so affraid that she wouldn’ t sell enough cd because she does not fit into what america expect us to be But i’ m happy now i’ m very happy and i wish that no one that can’ t sing as good as her sell more than her from now on!
    Thanks to everyone for supporting jennifer.

  20. wow!!! I’m really proud of & 4 her she’s doing soo well, God is Good!! I’m buying it !! :brownsista: i heard it’s a killer !!!

  21. congrats to j hud! lets support her
    as for robin thicke i cant stand that white dude…i really cant

  22. Stephanie, Jennifer does have a hit with Spotlight. It currently sits at #3 on the Billboard Hip Hop & R&B chart. So she definitely has a hit. I like her cd, it is nice. Also go pick up Jazmine Sullivan’s cd!! That is a great cd

  23. Yes i have to go pick jazmin up next week too im going to see her and maxwell in concert next friday. Can not wait wooooooo maxwell. Im going through something too this man going to ease my mind lol.

  24. I think they re-released spot light. That is why you are starting to see the video more now. It is even on VH1. I think the record companies are going to start pushing talent now because the eye candy is starting not to sell as much.

  25. :bowdown: go jen girl the cd is on point i think yall should thank me to cause i was one of the people that made it 250,000 :lol2: good job jen

  26. Congrat sto J-HUd on her success with the album. I really enjoy it :brownsista:

  27. ok SO IM A BIG BEYONCE FAN OF COURSE and i always give everyone a fair chance…i always liked spotlight but it didnt stay with me very long, still i bought the cd and god its sooooo good…and im kinda wondering why she isnt releasing another single like “if this isnt love” that song is so beautiful!

  28. Mario: Wow 1st time πŸ™‚ nyway this isnt love is not my favorite have you heard “jesus promised me a house?”

  29. dark sista is a pisces, i havent gotten to “jesus promised me a house” yet in my car because i cant get passed track 3 lol i love “if this isnt love” im not sure why but i love it!

  30. :bowdown: Jhud, lately i’v only enjoyed a few songs on artists’ cds but i love hers from start to finish!

  31. Mario :lol2: I know what you are talking about that happened to me for like 3 hours i coulnd’ t skip this isn’ t love lool but You need to The rest of the cd is amazing

  32. I loved her on oprah!!! I like how she handle the 36 dollars dress i mean that is a sista that knows the value of money ! and david looked so so so cute

  33. :iagree: with a lot of you, I too bought and love the cd. Jennifer is talent. She has a powerful voice with a wide range and she sings effortlessly (so it seems) πŸ™‚ I love it all but my favs are We Gon’ Fight, I’m His Only Woman ( that’s going to be a hit) What’s Wrong(Go Away) and Giving Myself.
    Looking forward to The Secret Lives of Bees :thumbsup:

  34. @ Im a hater i have the same dress from american appeal. I was like gone girl.

  35. God promised me a home makes me cry.
    God jennifer doesn’ t even try to sing it just come out wow :bowdown:

  36. really mark? which one were weak?
    I think she had to quiet down a little i don’ t think anyone can handle her at her full potential but to me she was still strong! :bowdown:

  37. I just got the album today and I love it so far. I love “Can’t Stop The Rain”.

  38. I’ve heard a few tracks and I know I will be getting this. Good for her, we have been waiting a long time for this.



  41. CD is great!! I have heard people say that it is all over the place and she doesn’t know who she is but Jennifer and company have always said that they will not try to confine her to one sound. She has a voice that can do many things. The CD has something for everyone which is what they were trying to accomplish. I think we have been conditioned to hearing so much manufactured sound that we don’t know what to do when real talent is given to us. Go Chi-town!!!

  42. Not sure I’m going to get the CD. I do like Spotlight. If Jen’s marketed to the proper target (adults over 25), I think she can have a solid career. What she has shouldn’t be dumbed down to top 40/teen stations.

  43. To all that hate the CD :stop: :hater: . You just not use to hearing good music. I am tired of all the eye candy

  44. I read on concreteloop a guy calling jennifer fat and telling rihanna to gain some talent People aren’ t happy with anything anyway I’ m chilling Love Jennifer And if this isn’ t love is my song



  46. Where do you get your info from “Brown Sista”. “Spotlight” IS a hit….What charts are you looking on??? She is a hit on th R&B charts and she rising nicely on the Billboard 100

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