Jennifer Hudson’s National Anthem Performance

Academy Award winning actress, singer and American Idol alumni, Jennifer Hudson, had the honor of singing the National Anthem at last night’s Super Bowl game.

Stepping onto the round dais at Raymond James Stadium, Jennifer belted out a rendition of the Star Spangled Banner some say rivals that of the one singer Whitney Houston performed back in 2001.

Check out Jennifer’s amazing performance above as well as images below. And for those of you who actually wanna compare the two performances- Whitney’s can be seen here.


  1. Stephanie, you read my mind! I was just about to go to YouTube to look for this! Amazing!

  2. I think I might have a bit of a girl crush on JHud. LOL. She did AMAZING! LOVE HER!

  3. Jen’s version was okay but definitely not as good as Whitney’s. She could have dressed better too but I love her make-up. She looks flawless.

  4. she did that… Gone j hud…. Her performance I felt it ….

    Whitney who???

  5. GO GO GO Jennifer! She was great! This just goes to show that God is there and dreams really do come true. Its just really sad that her mom wasn’t there to see it

  6. Hi everyone,

    Im not an American, so the US national anthem doesnt really evoke the same emotion for me as it does for US citizens. However, I must say that this performance really moved me! She nailed it and it was flawless….
    God Bless Jennifer Hudson – this lady is going places! I think there is a space saved especially for her in musical history and now she just has to claim it through the good work that she is already doing.

    She also looks stunning…

    Team Hudson 100%!!!!!

  7. She looked and sounded amazing!!! This woman is the truth! Her voice gave me chills! Of course Whitney’s version is irreplaceable BUT Jennifer did amazing ! It was so beautiful, so powerful…!! Love her! Continue your success and your fabulous career you truly deserve this!

  8. I already commented in the other Jennifer thread but since I am up anyway, Go Jen, go Jen, It’s ya’ birthday.


    She really looked amazing. I could not believe that was Jen standing there, right before she stepped on stage. She looked good and thin. And that voice! Heaven sent.

    Her execution was flawless and not overly produced. She maintained excellent control over that powerhouse voice of hers.

    I believe there is a divine reason for everything and God has a plan. Love Jen.

    PS. I also enjoyed Bruce Springsteen getting his James Brown on. I see ya Bruce!

  9. Excellent performance, she always kills it! SHE DOES LOOKS LIKE SHE HAS BEEN WORKING OUT

  10. She Did a great job is it ok to say that she is the Whitney Houston of this generation what yall think

  11. She sounded great! It’s good to see her performing again. She has such a strong, soulful voice.

  12. Move over Whitney, Jen has taken over..Her performance brought me to tears.

    And those shoes!!! Woooooo Lawdy I gotta get some!

  13. Jennifer was so good i had a little tear coming down my face. She is a great woman and a strong one.

  14. I heard this on the radio and shead a tear really I did. She tore it up! This is a good way to get the ball rolling on her career.

  15. Never will she be as good as Whitney USED TO BE….lol.. But the fact she tore it up and did not try to mimic whitney or do a bunch of ghetto black girl church runs (Beyonce) shows that she is a true artist with a distinct STYLE.. I appreciated it very much. But i would be lying if i said she pulled dem chords like Whitney. “Gaaaaaaaaaaaave proof through the night”. On that part she couldn’t dig deep like Whitney did or either she was nervous. That is the Second best rendition I heard behind Whitney’s and thats saying a lot. Considering Mariah and Beyonce sang ” The Star Spangled Baner” also.

  16. She looked great and sounded amazing. Her voice is just so powerful. She was very nervous. She is going to be alright because she has so many people praying for her. God Bless you beautiful sista.

  17. I caught her performance from the middle and from what I caught she did an excellent job. I give her so much credit for even being able to perform at all. She’s lookin real good these days too. Definitely a class act!

  18. I guess you all know that Jennifer’s performance was not live. She was lip syncing. The NFL doesn’t allow live performances. They say there are too many variables to allow a live performance . So it was her voice we heard, just on tape.

    All of the musical performances were on tape.

  19. @ Monie

    Your point is Monie? Regardless of it being taped it was still her voice. We still enjoyed it and its still an exciting moment for her to get the ball rolling on her career.

  20. People like Monie annoy me. I guess you sat at the back of the class all of your life, never received a gold-star and now want to rain on the parade of ANYONE WHO SUCCEEDS.


    Jennifer shut the game down and now there is a concerted effort to discredit her performance. Shameful that this vitriol shows up on a site dedicated to promoting brown sistas.

  21. I must say JHud did a great job; I`m so glad to see her getting the much deserve exposure. I think she looked very beautiful as well. Do your thang JHud….

    MJ & The Golden 80s 4ever!!!

  22. Actually it was more of a comment about the NFL and them not allowing live performances. But I suppose some people flunked reading comprehension and didn’t get the point of my statement. lol

  23. Monie , I don’t know why they don’ t allow it However, for her to be bent like she was i believe she was singing even if the mic was turned off, and hell is she one hell of a singer,There is no competition to jennifer hudson voice, NOT one

  24. Jennifer did phenomenal! After all she’s been through, it was extremely emotional to watch her sing so beautifully yesterday. Definitely one of the best renditions I’ve ever heard.

  25. We got it Monie….we got it….

    Anywho…I thought J Hud was inspirational…I honestly don’t know if I would ever be able to perform after such a trajedy. That in it’s self is an illumination of faith. I hope her strength continues to build and that everyone commenting reflects on our strengths and the use of our own abilities to make it through the tough times we might be facing.

  26. Jenny did great. I don’t care if she did not do it live or not, it was still her voice. But Monie to give you the benefit of the doubt, I did not know that they did not do live performances, so thanks for that info. They say you learn something new everyday. But back to Jenny, she does look good. And I am so happy for her being able to hang in there in spite of a life changing event.

  27. Dang! I was intending to view the video, but I see they scooped it up! Oh well.

  28. NO!! did not come close to the old Whitney, she did good though.

    Very proud of her!!

  29. The Star-Spangled Banner is a major measure of a singer’s talent because it is so hard to sing; the words are hard to remember and the melodic line puts heavy stress on the singer’s voice range. Last night, J-Hud showed the whole nation that she was born to sing. She sang every word perfectly clear and she showed that she has more than enough voice range to handle the national anthem or any song that she sings.
    @ Ms. Stephanie: 1) Seems like I heard somewhere that Aretha Franklin’s life story is going to be made into a movie and that J-Hud is going to do the part of Aretha Franklin. 2) When I was at the Martin Luther King Day Parade here in Los Angeles, I was talking to a lady who said that the life story of Lena Horne was going to be made into a movie starring Alicia Keys as Lena Horne. You heard anything like that?

  30. You heard anything like that? i did and i can’t wait smooth thug

  31. Our baby ghurl, Jen, did tore it up. I think her, Whitney and En Vogues version are my most favorites. I am so happy she is slowly makin her way back. And yes, I do think she is the Whitney Houston for this new era of music.

  32. @ Smooth Thug

    I’ve heard of those rumors for a while now. I remember Lena horne wanting Janet Jackson to portray her but miss Horne was disappointed in Janet because of the wardrone malfunction that had taken place. I think Alicia Keys is a great choice to garner attention towards the film and she does look like Lena. However, I’m not a fan of Alicia’s acting. I hope she will prove me wrong this time around lol. Now Jennifer playing Aretha will be big for Jennifer. I heard Aretha wanted Halle. I’m not going to lie I had side eye her for that choice lol

  33. Jen did a great job. No she isn’t Whitney, but that’s ok b/c she blessed the anthem w/ a Jen touch… she made the anthem her own & she blew away. The girl can sang.

  34. I rarely use this term but she truely KILLED IT. IMO it’s a tie between her and Whitney. Whitney’s delivery was filled with pride & joy. Jennifer’s rendition exuded a strong sense of purpose and strength. IDK. That’s just the initial emotions I felt when I listened to each performance.

    That girl gotz pipes!


  35. She gave an amazing performance. I thought I was the only one who thought it was a magnificent performance. It brought tears to my eyes. Thumbs up to Jen once again!

  36. Ditto to most of the comments above. IMHO Jennifer is this generation’s WH. My whole party said the same thing the moment Jennifer finished with her outstanding performance. Her voice is a thing of beauty. So glad she is making her way through the tradegy her family suffered. Go Jennifer Hudson. Go girl!

  37. Amazing performance! Even though Im not American I was on the verge of tears when watching this, she just brings the emotion soo well. This girl is an incredible talent and I hope the world recognises how gifted she is.

  38. As I stated on a her previous thread Jennifer did an incredible job. I have her album and it is a vocal experience from beginning to end. It goes to show (obviously) the best selling artists are not always the most vocally talented. As someone mention earlier, there is certainly space in the industry allocated for this young woman. I am so happy that at least she has a platform to show her talent and move a nation that has been desensitized by a genre beautiful packaged faux

  39. @ Pearlsrevealed, I like how you broke it down! Indeed, they sang with different emotions and purposes! Like that!

  40. No doubt her and Whitney’s is the best rest of the Nation’s Anthem cover’s dont even matter! Get it Jhud she straight kilt!

  41. JHud did okay. She still needs to learn how to control that big voice of hers. She could benefit from a few voice lessons. She has lost a lot of weight and looks really good (not that she didn’t before).

    I definitely don’t think you can compare JHud to Whitney Houston! You went a little over board on that one LOL!

    But, she did a good job.

  42. Jennifer Hudson did a wonderful job, I hope her success continues because she is very talented. If my family was murdered I dont think I could ever leave the house let alone perform for millions.

  43. Who could’ve ever come out and perform under the circumstances, the way she did? I doubt anyone…

    So, to the person commenting on Jennifer lip-syncing…when did the live performances of the National Anthem cease?

  44. She was amazing and I was thinking she reminded me so much of Whitney. Everytime I listen to her CD’s and songs I have always said she gives that feeling that Whitney used to give back in the day when she used to sing.

  45. @ Nicole
    When Whitney performed it back in 1991, it was revealed that she sang on a mic that was turned off so that her emotions & gestures would match the pre-recorded track. Based on all of theperformances I have seen I would assume that other singers do the same.

    At this moment, at You Tube, many are reviewing and giving their opinions of many old performances. Here are a few…

    Beyonce 2006

    Jordan Sparks 2008

    Mariah Carey 2002

  46. I think the whole pre-taped thing came from when Roseanne at some sporting event not the superbowl basically made a mockery of the song. She was grabbing her crotch and acting stupid so after that it was like they were not taking any chances. The video is below.

    Jennifer did great, can’t wait to see her at the Grammy’s.

  47. J Hugeson performance was absolutely horrible. She looked a mess and sounded a mess. She need to be trying to save her flop album. Poor Fatgirl hasn’t went gold yet.

    Beyonce>>>>>>>>>>>>>>J Huge
    Whitney>>>>>>>>>>>>>>J Huge
    Fantasia>>>>>>>>>>>>>>J Huge

    Fat beast and her loud voice. lmaooooooooooooo

  48. Honestly TO ME…. Beyonce, Marvin Gaye and Whitney were the best ones to sing it. I think J-Hud did a great job but those 3 are holding it down.

  49. Jennifer did a fantastic job however…

    Whitney is the sole reason they started paying attention to how stars sing the SSB. Everyone who sings it gets compared to hers and nobody elseโ€™s she set the bar with that one and it has yet to be topped!

  50. it was realy beautiful and she is amazing,i pray that she continues to heal and i have to say she is looking very beautiful,we all have opinions but writting evil things that is souless and evil @truthis you must be annorexic and dnt take your sickness,disorder and your insecurities on her,if you dnt like her,dnt enjoy her music and didnt enjoy her perfomance its okay you can state that but to riducule a person in that manner says a lot about your emotional and mental state…you need Jesus and i love her album it is the best and it went gold in 6weeks and she is happy with her sales and she will continue to grow.

  51. Truthis: Atention craving much? You people will never be able to take that oscar away from jennifer even if you steal it, Get over it it’ s been three years that beyonce had been outstaged since then, she made it clear that although she might not be the best singer she could hang with all of them, when you keep on putting Jen down, it looks like you don’ t believe in bey’ s talent ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. @Dark Sista
    Dont bother explaining to these people! ITs funny because the word “Hater” would be flying all around this place if this was about Beyonce and people saying she didnt do that well. I tell you some people really are possessed over Beyonce, but at the end of the day Beyonce is still envious of Jennifer Hudson and it shows.

  53. @ Kenny…

    Who mentioned anything about Beyonce it’s so funny to me how you HATERS don’t like Beyonce so much but you bring her up in conversations that have absolutely nothing to do with her. Beyonce envious of JHud why… because she’s an INTERNATIONAL mega superstar worth over 400 mil… right I’m sure she’s just itching to be her!

  54. ReadyforRealmusic
    TRUTHIS did mention beyonce
    You need to read post before you speak you insecure So Terribly Annoying Nobodies aka stan need to get a life, and u know beyonce will trade all that money for an oscar, and baby get out of those black men crotch and see the light, for beyonce is richer than Michelle obama but i bet you she would love to be her, Shut up with all that non sense.

  55. @readyforrealmusic,J-hud is a spiritual person,her life is God first then the rest follows,not everyone is money hungry,400million is not everything,it makes your life easier and you have the freedom to spend on luxury and not worry about the bills but it doesnt replace the inner spiritual peace,thats why some people with more money always want more wealth inorder to gain status and respect coz they are searching for innerpeace through money,they call it paper therapy…..i know what i am talking about when you have everything you have dreamed off and still feel empty,getting more money does not make you a better person or fill the empty hole you have in your soul so next time dnt measure people according to their wealth or level of fame,just ask how spiritualy rich the person is e.g. Whitney she lost everything and is a junkie and Micheal Jackson is a freak,so its not about being rich and famous,its about being spiritualy rich first.

  56. Hey y’all Jennifer’s rendition of the national anthem is on itunes to be downloaded!

    I just wanted to say that on the Doug Banks show site they had a poll on who did it better it was Jennifer Hudson, Whitney Houston, and Beyonce. From the polls it says:

    Whitney Houston 60%

    Jennifer Hudson 38%

    Beyonce Knowles 2%<—– I’m very surprised by that I thought she did very well!

  57. and you heard what she said about Obama? the clapping when she said those things?
    I guess that was one person sounding like a hundred since everyone love beyonce
    I am telling you people are sooo hypocrite if you stans dont wake up and smell it you gon lose your beloved bey bey

  58. LMAO @ IVORY What a f’ing loser…are you ok boo boo looks like if anybody needs to get a life its your dumb a$$. Whats the problem sweetie they kicked your stupid a$$ off the short bus again? Lets get one thing straight love… some people love themselves and don’t wish to be anyone else but I don’t expect your ignorant a$$ to understand that because its clear you don’t know the meaning of self love. So do me a favor play nice and I’ll ask the bus driver to let you back on with the rest of the retards! Oh and guaranteed Beyonce will get her Oscar its just a matter of time so suck on that trick!

    @ Lizzy I’m not saying anything about Jennifer spirituality… thats not what this is about. But you shouldn’t assume that because of your bad experience that all rich people are spiritually empty. If that were the truth so many rich people wouldn’t be blessed the way they are. You can’t get anywhere without God and Beyonce is very spiritual also and thats why shes as blessed as she is… Whitney and Michael turned away from God and thats the result. Money is not the root of all evil… The Love of money is!

  59. @loveroflife

    YOU ARE A LIE! Beyonce’s name isnt even on there…its Whitney, J-Hud, R.Kelly and 2 other folks! You will do anything to have Bey’s name in your stank mouth! Beyonce sang it better then J-Hud I dont care what no one says, and it was PRE-RECORDED! Bey sang it LIVE so get ya facts straight! I feel all this saying she sang it so well to give her courage after the murders in her family and thats it…To me its outta pitty! I think J-Hud did a fantastic job but Whitney and Beyonce sang that song better!

  60. J-Hud is back she has proven to be a self made star shining despite American Idol, and in the face of a horrendous tragedy (that some of us may never feel or understand).Her performance was exceptional! Personally I think that is falls in the top three. Though it is hard to rank them… Whitney and Marvin are timeless! Aside from the Super Bowl I wasn’t born yet but this remains constant: 1983 NBA All-star Game anyone remember? Her performance will be as memorable as Whitney and Marvin’s! All those other artist will have to bring it from now on; the bar is set pretty high…

  61. @ Fanny

    The Doug Banks show mentioned on the radio that they had a poll vote for Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, and Whitney Houston. They told the listeners the poll count and Jennifer Hudson had exceeded Whitney and Beyonce. I was very surprised that she had a low percentage because I thought she did very well. They also mentioned on the radio that they were going to add R. Kelly, Carl Lewis, and Marvin Gaye to the polls which they did. By the way Beyonce didn’t sing her anthem live hers was also pre-recorded just like anyone who sings the national anthem.

  62. @Fanny
    You might want to get your facts straight! Beyonce used a pre-recorded track as well, the whole point of lip synching is to look like your performing live…..Beyonce lip synchs too, she did for Obama’s dance and other performances. Some should stop acting like she is GOD, she too does things just like other artist. Jennifer Hudson did a great job! Some of you think Beyonce did better because its Beyonce, no matter what people cant be objective because they feel like their not supporting the cult.

  63. @Kevin

    The instrumental was pre-recorded for the inaugral dance but her voice was very well LIVE! Everyone aint gone like Beyonce and thats fine but what kills me is the folks that hate to give her props when due…she is the best performer of our time Usher, Brandy, J Legend, Kanye, The Dream, Jay-Z, and Queen Latifa has admitted to it. She is one of the best in the game, she is beautiful and no one’s voice is like hers. BEYONCE IS THAT BYTCH! If people would accept and admit to it then who cares if you dislike Bey. Your vote never counted she sells out all arenas across the world and many folks on here didnt go out and buy I AM…but guess what…its the #1 album in the world for 3 weeks straight, meaning YOUR VOTE was not missed its gone 2x platinum in 10 weeks and was named the 10th best selling album of 2008 just releasing 2 months prior. How about she is being nominated A 2008 GRAMMY for a song she did in 2004?? (ME MYSELF AND I) She is very talented and its sad that so many folks are in denial to that FACT! A talentless woman would have never lasted this long in the game….example Talented artist that have been in the game for a long time…Brandy, Monica, Usher, Mary J… b/c they all have REAL talent….TALENTLESS artist still trying to hold on…Ciara, Ashanti, C. Millian, Mya, B/C they lack real n memorable talent…soon Rihanna will be added to that list wait until 2009 is over we’ll see where the fashionista will be then.

  64. @readyforrealmusic……i never said money is the root of all evil,we need money inoder to function to our full capacity,i was correcting you to learn to measure people according to their spiritual wealth,their connection with God and fellow human being is important,there are so many people who are spiritual and rich and others who use the name of God to get rich,and God doesnot want us to have an ego or alter ego,the ego is the devil,and the moment you give your ego antention your scale of your spirituality decreases,i’m not judging her,i’m descening spiritualy just like the bible gives us dos and donts,its one thing to appreciate a star and another thing to worship them,dnt worship other gods

  65. Well at the end of the day Whitney and Jennifer hud are the two best versions

  66. ReadyforRealmusic Honey you are the loser, now go back to masturbating on beyonce ๐Ÿ™‚

  67. Beyonce’s version of the star… was loud and thin however, she had a great save at the end. It didnt hurt that she looked beautiful while singing and had the best emotional cringe Ive seen other then that she was not the best

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