Jennifer Hudson’s New Movie Role

Jennifer Hudson Jennifer Hudson is set to star in “Winnie,” a drama that casts her as the former wife of South Africa’s first black president, Nelson Mandela.

Hudson will play Winnie Mandela in a film that begins production May 30 in the South African locations of Johannesburg, Capt Town, Transkei and Robben Island, where the future president spent 18 of his 27 years in prison.

“Winnie” will be directed by Darrell J. Roodt, the veteran South African filmmaker whose 2006 film “Yesterday” was Africa’s Best Foreign Film nominee, and who also directed “Cry, The Beloved Country,” and “Sarafina!”

“I was compelled and moved when I read the script,” Hudson said. “Winnie Mandela is a complex and extraordinary woman and I’m honored to be the actress asked to portray her. This is a powerful part of history that should be told.”



  1. Wow this is going to be amazing, def. is a story that needs to be told I respect that man SHOW much how can you spend 27 years in prison?HOW???

  2. i hope she can pull it off…with the age progression and accent..i hope she is prepared and taking lessons.

  3. YAY! congrats Jennifer,i remember asking her on her twitter that if given a chance to do an African biopic and potray our icons such as Mirriam Makeba or Winnie Mandela or any other meaningful African tale,wud she do it? her answer was ofcoz!!she kept her word,i think Jennifer can pull this she looks like someone with a teachable spirit and she is a strong powerful force just like the mother of our nation,our accent is very complex and demanding but Winnie Mandela has a weird accent anyway,so it won’t be that difficult to learn….she must include a South African tour and not 4get our beautiful neighbouring countries such as Namibia,Zambia and Botswana they never get the shine the deserve.

  4. Go Jennifer!!!

    This is excellent news! I believe she’ll do a great job, the director is awesome and Jennifer will take it to the Lord and the performance will come from a place like Winnie’s that has known great pain, sorrow and joy!

    I hope they do Miriam Makeba’s story, “Mama Africa”…Kimberly Elise would great or Jill Scott!

    Kudos to Jay-z and Will Smith/Jada for bringing Fela, the musical to Broadway, another musical great!

    Jill Scott, the No.1 Ladies Detective Agency…I truly hope it returns!

  5. I am from South Africa, and I love J-Hud both as a singer and an actress.
    But Winnie is our hero, she was a strong force that fought for the struggle as hard if not harder than mandela. She was tortured, her children were treated badly and she still fought for us. I don’t care how talented this woman is, a South African actress would pull off this much better. American actors never seem to get the South African accent, they never do proper research and it always comes off badly. I understand that the people with the money have a right to choose who they want.
    This is like when a singer gets a role that a deserving unknown actress can do, just because she can get butts on the seats and give the film buzz.
    I am really disappointed, as I have been waiting for this story forever. I grew up with stories of Winnie being told to us as black young girls. And now some American sub par actress will get the role. Jesus help s all.
    @Lizz, I’m so disturbed that you even think that she is great for the role, there are so many actresses in South Africa who are more deserving.

  6. I love Jen but i dont think she can pull of winnie. Im also South African and i dont think she can do it. Not just because of accent tomoro but even looks wise she isnt in the same league as Winnie. This takes nothing away from Jens talent but have u guys even seen what Winnie looked like younger, even older she is in a league that Jen can not tap into it.

    And why woukd elise neal play Miriam, honestly a girl fom SA streets with a bit of training cud do the job,

  7. @noma-afrika Thami i’m realy dissapointed in you actualy,go on a hunger strike if it will make you feel better,to be fair enough let Charlize Theron return her Oscar and comeback home huh?she wasnt potraying a white African woman you know,you seem to have a short memory.Jennifer must do justice to my accent and not listen to all the noise.@Thami once again we have a pool of South African movies that are potrayed by South Africans and they fail to see the light, we only get them on DVD or private screening coz not enough South Africans are willing to warm the sits,do you x-pect movie distributors to be a non-profit organisation and dont 4get the mismanagement of funds does SABC ring a bell.I’m glad they chose Jennifer,my second option wud have been Gaby Union.

  8. @LIZZ- To be honest if this movie makes it to theaters I don’t think it’s going to fill seats at all, it’s just…this generation and not the type of movie to attract people(although I’m going to watch it). And the independent films are usually the ones that get the most accolades.

  9. Im looking forward to it. She gets the best opportunities. I hope & pray that her wounds are a little easier to bear each day 🙂

  10. Get it Jen!!! Let’s get ANOTHER Oscar that other are dying to get!! I love her as an actress. So natural!

  11. Go jenny. I knew i luved her when they asked her how are surviving. She said. Through Jesus Christ. im tellin ya, the girl is a soldier. She was working like 3 months after.

  12. @RUSERIOUS- That’s the ONLY way you could get through a sad situation like that.

  13. This film sounds interesting. Jenn is a good actress, I wont judge her ability to pull this role off until I see it. Cause I would’ve never known Monique, a vile comedienne, could pull off such a good role in Precious.

  14. @Lizz I see your point…but looking at J-Hud it’s not like she has a huge following when it comes to movies, this movie will be led by her, I just don’t think she can do it. I also agree with Goldlox, Winnie is a very beautiful Xhosa woman, she is aging gracefully, looks wise as well Jen is nothing like her. And money isn’t everything if the story is not properly told. and Charlize Theron is 1 in a 1000 south african actresses that are given a chance in hollywood.

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