Jennifer Hudson’s Video Put On Hold

j_hudson Jennifer Hudson’s rep has shot down claims that the singer is set to shoot a music video so soon after the murders of her mother, brother, and nephew. Many had been surprised that Hudson was ready to jump back into work so soon after the tragic shootings, and now it seems that Hudson had never confirmed she was returning to work in the first place. Speaking to Us magazine, a rep for Hudson said of the news that Hudson was due to shoot a video for “If it Isn’t Love”, was premature and erroneous. “The video shoot was never confirmed, so there was nothing to cancel. A source close to Hudson added, “the video was set up before the tragedy and she felt like she should finish what she started, but she’s realized that she’s not ready to go back to work. It’s too early.”



  1. Losing one family member is tough enough, but 3? one being your mother…I can’t even imagine & my heart goes out to her.

  2. I don’t blame her. I couldn’t imagine getting back to work after losing one family member. She lost three. My heart and prayers still go out to her.

  3. I dont blame Jennifer for not going back so soon after loosing her family like that. I will continue to keep her in my prayers.

  4. I still can’t believe this. God Bless and give her strength, espeicially during this time of year….High suicide rates!!

    “God please comfort Jennifer and the entire Hudson family and alll others who have lost loved ones, give them strength to endure…Amen”

  5. ^^^Amen!

    Whenever she decides she’s ready to return I will be here to support her… God Willing!

  6. My heart just aches for her. May God continue to bless and strengthen Jennifer Hudson.

  7. I was happy to hear her coming back. But it ok take your time BABY GIRL. Jennifer im just going to pray for you. I know your mother is looking over you and going to protect you. I know when you come back you going to come with a BANG.

  8. i was happy but this is understandable in which i am not angry because its all on her time whenever shes ready…im ready…

  9. I was surprised too, she was coming back so soon. Either way, she will always have a fan in me. I wish her well and much recovery–very tragic. Bless you Jennifer!

  10. I pray that you finds closure and inner peace,take your time baby girl…..we send you healing energy and our love

  11. I pray that you find closure and inner peace,take your time baby girl…..we send you healing energy and our love

  12. I agree with the board. However long she has to take to get over her losses, she should take it. Take a vacation, whatever. I lost my great-aunt in July and that was tough. I never thought I could get over that, but I took some time to myself, put aside work and recharged. I was able to grieve and go right back to work.

  13. Lady, if that is your picture you are one beautiful woman and you are “wearing” that dress. :thumbsup: 😆

  14. Amen to that Liyah!

    Jennifer needs to return when SHE is ready! She has the talent to be able to take a break. Let her get through the holidays first. I know it has to be hard for her.

  15. I already bought the album, don’t need a video. She can take as long as she wants. Her voice will still be there.

    If she makes promo tours then people will only ask about the deaths and that will be hard, esp. it being the holidays.

  16. Seems like she’s doing what she needs, to get the strength to move foward. My heart goes out to her and her family.

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