Jennifer Lopez Fresh Out The Oven

So many videos have come out today. From Toni Braxton to Janet Jackson to newcomer Keri Hilson- it seems everyone decided to release their video before the American Music Awards. Adding their name to the list is singer Jennifer Lopez. The pop diva is back with the video for her first single “Fresh Out The Oven,” and you can get a taste of it below. Also dropping today is Jennifer’s single Louboutins. Click here to give it a listen.


  1. I dont like it, but thank god its a buzz single…But the Vid is Hot!!!!!!!! Notice the Loubitons……But ,like i said the vid is HOT!!!!

  2. Hmmm Me no likey. It seems like shes trying too hard to appeal to the younger crowd. She’s like 39yrs old w/ children. It jus doesn’t seem genuine to me. I’m a huge fan on Jenni Lo but I’ll pass on this one 🙁

  3. Love this video; I like how it looped certain scenes. She looks amazing. The blonde kinda ages her but maybe that was her intention to look matronly, yet fierce! Love the shoes.

  4. This is what happens to your career when you were mostly a sex symbol during your younger years. I wonder how Beyonce and Rihanna will be when they are 40?

  5. The song isn’t something for the first single especially when you disappear from the business for awhile. But most of all, the video made the song looks annoying and I hate that replay footage that made me a bit dizzy!

    Another flop, Ms.Lopez or whatever you rename yourself.

    PS. I am not a hater, I used to like her but time change but her music have no development.

  6. After that performance tonight she go back into the overn Whitney taught them how to own the stage tonite.

  7. The music is hot but those whacked lyrics jack the song up.
    She is no singer,

  8. A song about Louboutins shoes…What’s wrong with them Lord…what is wrong with them? Let’s see those shoes cost between $500 to $2500. Who the hell can afford them?

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