Jennifer Williams Celebrates B-day

‘Basketball Wives’ star Jennifer Williams celebrated her 38th birthday last night with a star studded party at the Greenhouse Nightclub in New York City.

Jennifer was joined by publicist Jessica Rosenblum, singer Tank, rapper Maino and many others.

Jennifer’s time as a Basketball wife is reportedly winding down, not only due to her impending divorce from basketball player Eric Williams, but also because she is reportedly tired of the drama surrounding her reality series and is ready to move on.

That drama recently spilled over onto Twitter, where Jennifer and cast mate Evelyn Lozada had a heated exchange that included threats to expose Jennifer’s supposed secret lifestyle.

Lozada quit the show earlier this year, stating via Twitter her plans to leave reality TV behind.


  1. WOW…..Silly Rabbit tricks are for kids! With that being said I wish both these over thirty year old (WOMEN) grow up!!! It’s really embarrassing,and immature to fight on twitter.

  2. They are such good role models for young women. All young women should aspire to be like them.*rolls eyes*

  3. i am glad her and Evelyn are not friends anymore. She needs a backbone and be her won woman

  4. i never even watch one episode of any of this basketball women, real women, Not my cup of tea. But happy x years bday, she is very pretty

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