Jennifer Williams Lands Wal-Mart Deal


Former “Basketball Wives” star Jennifer Williams is teaming up with retail giant Wal-Mart to bring consumers her own line of maxi dresses.

Jennifer shared the news with her Twitter followers, posting: “Jennifer Williams in Walmart soon. So excited about my maxi dress line.”

Jennifer said the deal has been in the works for a while and that with the help of good business people and God, she has been blessed with an opportunity to do something that is near and dear to her heart.

“Walked in my door, dropped my bags, came to my bedroom and knelt on my bedside to thank God 4 my day & blessings,” she wrote on Instagram. “Couldn’t ask for a better outcome. Thank you for all the well wishes with my Wal-Mart deal. I’m beyond excited.”

During her stint on “Basketball Wives,” Jennifer was seen wearing a variety of maxi dresses, many of which she says she designed herself. According to Jen, fashion has been an integral part of her life and a passion she plans to indulge in.

“My next project is my own lingerie line,” she told S2S. I like classic lines and leaving something to the imagination.”

Jennifer’s line will officially launch in May and be available in both Wal-Mart stores and online.


  1. I am glad for her working at her talent and not just looking for a meal ticket elsewhere. Great for her

  2. She and Evelyn both wore really cute Maxi dresses on that show.

  3. I am surprised she would partner with them given all the trash she’s talked over the years about labels, people who don’t/can’t wear them and all that. Interesting.

  4. Makes sense especially since she is always wearing maxi dresses. I hope she keeps the petite ladies in mind as well 😉

  5. I always like Jennifer im happy she doing her thing. I will be supporting her line.

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