Jennifer Williams Takes’em to Court

As I am sure most of you have no doubt heard by now, “Basketball Wives” star Jennifer Williams is suing former good friend and fellow co-star Evelyn Lozado’s personal assistant, Nia Crooks, for assault and battery.

On the April 16th episode of the popular VH1 reality show, Crooks is seen slapping Williams, who according to her attorney, “sustained serious injuries and suffered pain, shock and mental anguish,” due to what they deem as the “negligent, reckless and careless” behavior of Miss Crooks.

Now, I personally do not watch “Basketabll Wives,” but I have to say that I love the fact that Jennifer has chosen to take this matter to court. It is this type of violence visited upon Williams that turned me off after watching Meeka Claxton be assaulted by Tami Roman on last season’s finale.

I wish I could get people to understand that when you support shows like this you support their message. When you tune in to watch grown women fight and misbehave, the industry then seeks to put out more of the same. By supporting ‘BW’ you are supporting Tami’s drunkenness, Evelyn’s bullying and Shaunie in her blatant disregard for the message she sends the world about women, black women in particular.

Turn “Basketball Wives” off and let Shaunie and the Gang know that they are real non muth f*ckn’ factors.

Read Jennifer’s exclusive interview with Moshanda about the incident, as well as their work with “Reality Check” and The National Action Network.


  1. I agree with jennifer. She did the right thing about taking her ex-bird buddy and mess up wig having assistant to court. That show is nothing but drama.

    Team Jennifer
    Team Royce

  2. Team Nobody!!! They are all wack. I do not condone violence but Jennifer did not have any problems when her and Ev were ganging up on other girls and when Ev was fighting other girls. Now when the tables are turned on her she wants to sue and speak out. It is all phony. These episodes were filmed weeks or months ago so why is she suing after the show airs on tv and not after it actually happened? This is just to save face. Another thing, I saw that part of the episode and security was super slow in responding and even Jennifer herself didn’t move right away. Now who stays sitting down drinking wine during an argument when the other person has threathened to hit you, has started walking towards you, and is in striking distance? Phony, phony, phony……..

  3. I’m happy she’s taking this to court I find the ladies on this show to be utterly distasteful and a bad representation of black as well as the real housewives of atlanta. And I could clearly see why half of them are in relationship issues or divorced. They aren’t ladies they act like mindless misbehaving misfits. I hope young girls that are watching this show are viewing as a way not to act because besides the other issues that will occur due to this behavior so well respecting young man would think twice about bringing you home unless its for a reality show and he makes his money by getting attention from the public eye.

  4. LOL, I agree with @KoKo. I mean, Evelyn didn’t even respond UNTIL security came around. So that whole scene was stupid. Also, how can Evelyn say someone should not talk about someone not being on their level when she did the same exact thing to Royce. Thing is, Royce would have fought back and she DID!

  5. This episode I wanted to see. I couldn’t believe it. It was staged or precalculated, but the end result was the same, grown women fighting.

    I watched and tried to figure out Ev’s angle for her behavior? Does she think this will boost ratings for her upcoming show? I thought the only honest one is Royce. I hope Tami makes this 15 minutes into something lasting and not end up like Sheree. Royce seems to oome out of this looking the best! Ev didn’t do anything but help Jennifer and her business ventures, plus Jen has the credentials Ev doesn’t and she was actually a wife. I hope this does send a message to the young girls and women watching the show!

  6. Hopefully this is the end. I don’t watch it anymore.. Feel bad for Jennifer. At the same time she’s a big (height wise) girl…she needs to beat one of their azzes and hand it to them on camera. I’m sorry You keep going back you know you could become a target of the ghetto foolishness VH1 is pushing.

  7. i say SUE… not everyone can fight… so is she supposed to be assaulted everytime a disagreement comes up? no….

    SUE them hood rats and PLEASE follow through.


    Ev needs to give her friend A makeover with CHADS money STAT!

  8. Evelyn needs to get over it. Jennifer has moved on to more mature supportive friends and Evelyn is just mad cause Jennifer dumped her bum hoodrat tail.

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