Jill & Gabrielle “Go Naked” For Allure Magazine

As previously reported, singer Jill Scott and actress Gabrielle Union, are the newest Brown Sistas to pose for Allure Magazine’s annual “Go Naked” issue. Allure editor Linda Wells says their hugely popular feature is not meant to objectify women, but rather to celebrate women and various shapes of the female body. And it appears many Hollywood women are in agreement as Jill and Gabrielle join a long list of Brown Sistas who have also taken it off for the magazine, including Vanessa Williams, Serena Williams, and Kelly Rowland.

On posing for the “Go Naked” issue:

Gabrielle Union: “I worked my ass off for this shoot,” says Union. “I’ve always been athletic, but I stepped it up for this. I ran up and down stadium stairs and went hiking. I’m cool with being naked, but I wanted to push myself.” When the big day came, Union felt good about her toned body -especially her arms. At the shoot, however, the star of the comedy “Starship Dave” wasn’t thinking about any of her body parts: “My Ipod was hooked up to the studio speakers, and I was paranoid that someone was going to think my playlist was weird – it has everything from show tunes to rap. But that’s typical Gaby. I’m naked up there, and I’m worrying about my music.”

Jill Scott: Scott’s reaction to the idea of disrobing: “No, Naked? You mean ‘naked’ naked? No Way,” she says. “It was a frightening concept, and I had to be convinced.” At the shoot, the Grammy Award-winning singer and star of the upcoming movie and TV series, “The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency” (she plays the full-figured Mama Ramostwe) was apprehensive. “I didn’t sleep the night before. I love to be naked when it’s just me at home, but I had no idea what it would be like to take my clothes off for the camera,” she says. Turns out, “it took a lot of stand there naked in front of strangers and try to be comfortable and carefree. But I did it – and I’d do it again.” As for the picture, “I’m blowing it up and putting it in my house,” she says. “Just not where the cable guy can see it.”


  1. Gabrielle looks nice and so does Jill. I do not like Jill’s hair though and her nipple and cooter are almost showing. All in all it’s a pretty shoot and I am happy Jill flaunted her stuff cause she looks great. 🙂

  2. I Like the idea of celebrating women of different shapes. This was done tastefully. Love my girl Jilly. I Like the shots of both ladies.

  3. When I first heard of Jill Scott doing this I was like, “okkkkkk”, but seeing the final image, I like. It’s very tasteful; more artistic than just being flat-out nude, with the light obscurity, flash, pose and shrubberies. 😆 She’s gorgeous.

    Were they fully FULLY nude? Or did they wear pasties? ‘Coz Gaby’s cross-legged goody pose makes me wonder if she really sat in that grass…NAKED. LOL She looks good too but of the two, I love Jill’s image the best.

  4. Tasteful. For once Gabrielle is standing out to me. (not just b/c she is naked) Usually she looks so boring, but there is a radiance about her in the above pic. NICE! Both Ladies


  6. Allure does this special every year, and it’s always tastefully done. I would like to suggest that Allure add a section similar to what Jane used to do with the men- they had Michael Ealy skrip…Yes Lawd!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Both of the ladies look AMAZING! But I am particularly happy/proud to see that Jill did the shoot. She shows that women who have curves can be just as sexy as the next & I know that it took a lot to disrobe & show her true self. Kudos to all the lovely ladies!

  8. Naked?

    Jill is hardly naked. She’s stretching and pulling that skin as much as possible for no reason: everything’s obscured anyway. Playboy this aint.

  9. The pictures are really lovely. Very tasteful and Alluring.
    I think that I would have liked it better if Jill’s hair was in that curly afro she usually wears.
    @ Cree, I haven’t heard the word cooter in a long time lol!!

  10. I am so proud of Jill she did her thing and she looks as if she lost a little weight!

  11. Nice pictures, very classy. Not loving the flowers, but they are well done. I’m glad to see two black women doing this, much less two women with different body types. Diversity and Variety make the world spin ’round.

  12. Totally love these! They are very tasteful, I especially like Gabrielle sitting crosslegged like that.

  13. Love Jill’s photo! Refreshing to see a full-sized sister confident enough to bare all! Tastefully done too. You go Jilly! It’s not often we see full-sized sistas represented in mainstream publications. Represent!


    No one will give them slack like they did Stacy Dash why because they aren’t in there 40’s.

    They look.

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