Jill Marie Jones Hosts Labor Day Fundraiser

Actress Jill Marie Jones donned her best Pochahantes costume and joined pro basketabll player Cuttino Mobley to host the Labor Day Classic fundraising party, a benefit that raises funds for the Philly Cat Foundation and United Friends of the Children. The bronze beauty, who can currently be seen in Ice Cube’s family flick, The Long Shots, is also scheduled to appear in the 2009 film, Drool and recently launched her own website, Jill Marie Jones Online. Speaking about her new venture, the actress said she wanted to give her fans a way to “stay in constant with her” and be updated on her future projects. Besides that, you can also seek beauty advice from the one time model and Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, who says she will personally answer all inquiries.

More JMJ pics below.


  1. I miss the show Girlfriends…ever since Jill left it went down hill from there.

  2. This woman is physical perfection.
    A beautiful, sexy black woman…cannot be beat.

  3. No, we do get Solange’s style of music. The problem is Solange doesn’t have the soulful voice or personality to pull it off so instead she comes across a tad bit fraudulent. Such music should be left to Amel Laurieux, Goapele, India.Arie, Rashaan Patterson, Janelle Monae, Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, and hell, even Amy Winehouse because they have the voices and effortless style. Solange in this genre of music is like Vanilla Ice or MC Hammer in gangsta rap. It’s not convincing. Her voice is too weak. Her style is too forced. I’m sorry but she just doesn’t have it.

    True, her songs are decent but that’s because she’s got some of the biggest writers and producers in the industry writing her material (i.e. Bilal, Cee Lo, Floetry, Pharrell, Marc Ronson, etc.)

  4. They look great together. I just have one question though… Does he have on black nail polish are are his toes just black? Either way that takes his cute points down a little bit.

  5. I saw her in some terrible movie. It was about her being on a killing spree. I think it was about her and her husband going on a killing spree! It was weird and corny. Any how I hope she does better!

  6. sigggggggggh i miss girlfreinds so bad as well i hated the way that story line ended

  7. Good to hear about her. I loved her in Girlfriends also! Your right it was not the same when she left. You can’t have Girlfriends without Toni Childs!

  8. Was there ever a final episode? I stop watching the show after the CW network said it was getting rid of Girlfriends.

  9. Yea, the show did go down hill after she left. I wish her the best in her career. I really liked Toni Child.

  10. She looks good and i love fundraisers we all need to help those in needs the best way we can 🙂

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