Jill Marie Jones in Ash vs Evil Dead

Jill Marie Jones in Ash vs Evil Dead Promo Pics

jill marie jones in ash vs evil deadFormer Girlfriendss actress Jill Marie Jones has landed a new role on the Starz horror-fest Ash vs Evil Dead. Along with a newly released gory trailer for the show, are promo pics of Jill as Detective Amanda Fisher.

Unlike the previous trailer (where if you blinked you would have easily missed Jill) the new one features a lot more of Jill’s character, including a few scenes which I have to warn you, are not very pleasant to watch.

I actually sat through the original Ash vs Evil Dead a few weeks ago to familiarize myself with the source material, and I gotta say, it is not for the faint of heart. The movie, and the show, are riddled with blood, blood, and more blood.
JILL MARIE JONES ASH VS EVIL DEAD PROMO PICS - 1jill marie jones in ash vs evil dead

Having said that, if you have Starz and a half-hour to burn, you might wanna check the show out when it premieres on October 31.