Jill Marie Jones Lands A New Movie Role

Actress Jill Marie Jones has found a new gig. The former Girlfriends castmate will star alongside Laura Harring and Oded Fehr in the Nancy Kissam written and directed dark comedy, Drool. The film revolves around Harring, who plays an abused wife who plans to run away with her best friend- played by Jill. Their plans however go awry when Harring accidentally kills her husband (Oded Fehr), leading the two to drive the body cross country. Drool was the winner of the 2006 Slamdance screenplay competition and is presently in post production- with a tentative release date set for the Spring of 2009.



  1. Oded Faher is that dude from The Mummy no? I think he’s sexy. LOL. This will definitely be a ‘renter’, but so glad she’s doing things. Love her. She’s gorgeous. πŸ™‚

  2. I hope this is better than the last movie she did! It was corny, her and her husband went on a killing spree, but it was a horror/comedy. It was terrible πŸ™„ hope this one is better!

  3. Hollywood has been getting better looking mammy characters these days.

  4. @Liyah

    LOL… I kinda liked that movie , “Redrum” :lol2: … I just saw it the other day on one of the movie channels. Yes it was definitely a B movie or better yet a C, but I like the fact that Jill stepped out of the glamour/vain role of “Toni” & tried sumthin different LOL.

    On to this new role she has, am I the only one who is gettin flashbacks of “Thelma & Louise” from the short summary that we’ve been given so far lol? However, I hope that this role is a good one for her & that it finally gives her a push away from “Toni Childs”. But I agree I think this will be another renter or wait until it comes on a movie channel kinda flick.

    P.S. That “Redrum” movie is on again right now :lol2: πŸ˜† … go figure.

  5. i’ m happy for her she is very funny and talented :bowdown:

  6. I’ve always been fond of this woman’s style of acting and when she left Girlfriends, I think I did, too. :-)~~~

    Anyway, she is a beautiful black woman and I wish her so much success in her new upcoming film, role. Looking forward to seeing something “different” on the set other than the typicals….

  7. Sounds very interesting! I’m happy that she is finding some work.

  8. Im curious as to if this will debut in theaters or be straight to DVD? I always wondered what the differance was between a “B” movie, and an “Indie” film? anywhooo I know this is a site dedicated to “Sistas” and all, but can a sista get another glimpse of the Access Granted special of Maxwell in South Africa?, my sister called me about it and I missed it, I got soo excited about him possibly coming out with a new album, I damn near had to clean myself up! πŸ™‚

  9. Okay..this sounds like Thelma and Louise …except they added a Black best friend. Black Hollywood actresses would surely starve if it were not for the sassy Black best friend roles.

  10. @Nesh Nesh
    Girl, I agree with you 100% The show was never the same without her. They made a big when they let Toni Childs go πŸ™

  11. I wish Jill much luck in this venture.
    I really miss the shows Girlfriends, Hald & Half and All of Us. Especially Girlfriends; because of the realtionship between 4 beautiful black sistas. All of them were intelligent, bright ad professional in their careers. I really wish someone would create an African American show centered around college students making decisions about going into the professional world.
    It was a same when Different World went off the air.

  12. Also I think the destroyed the show when Toni Childs left. The chemistry that they had as a group was great!

  13. Oded Fehr is the reason to see this film. Dude is the sexiest man in Hollywood. I was in love/lust with that sexy man for years.

    Too bad,the story isn’t about her character is best friends with Oded’s character’s wife but is having an affair with him. Now, that would have been a good storyline. lol. I know if I was in the movie, I would have begged for a love scene with Oded. The man is hott.

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