Jill Marie Jones’ New Micro-Series

Have you guys been keeping up with Jill Marie Jones’ TBS micro-series “Gillian in Georgia”? I admit that after reporting on the series back in April I actually forgot to tune in and watch. Seeking to rectify the situation, I hit up TBS online and luckily all the episodes are shown in full on their website.

For those who haven’t yet heard about the series, Jill plays a New York fashionista (Gillian) who visits her sister (Alicia) in Georgia, only to find her laid up with an injury and expecting Gillian to step in and help run her household- which includes three rambunctious children and a husband.

Never one to back down from a challenge, Gillian jumps in to help, but not without some resistance from Alicia’s husband, Cedric. Eventually, Gillian stops feeling like a fish out of water as she connects with her family – and a handsome local. But just as Gillian begins to consider giving up city life for small town living, she gets a phone call that could change everything.

The show airs every Wednesday during episodes of Meet of the Browns. You can check out last week’s episode below.


  1. It will be great to see Jill Marie Jones as a lead in a series because she truly “owned” the character of Toni Childs in Girlfriends. Gillian in Georgia could be interesting but unfortunately, I’ve never seen it because I’m not a fan of Meet the Browns. Surely, TBS can make this a full-fledged series because this is a character that can grow over time.

  2. Heard of it, but I refuse to sit through Meet The Browns to watch it.

  3. i wil be watching and getting the dvd….i love her alot…

  4. she made girlfriends, and when she left, the show became stupid. she’s a good actress.

  5. :lol2: I refuse to sit through Meet the Browns……It is good to see all three of them on the screen again. Gotta get yourself seen these days, I hope it leads to bigger and better things for all of them. I don’t think she should have left Girlfriends though. I know she wanted to do movies but she wasn’t as well known as she could have been if she stuck it out a few more years. But oh well she is still grinding.

  6. I LOVE your site! It’s so clean and welcoming (can a site be that? lol). I just found it today and will definitely be logging in from now on. Also, thanks for keeping me informed about Jill Marie Jones, had no idea she was back, I had to instantly blog about it! She looks beautiful, although I wish it was a longer show.

  7. Congrats to Jill! Glad she’s still progressing post-Girlfriends. I missed “Toni Childs” so much after she left the show 🙁

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