Jill Marie Jones New Movie Role

Former Girlfriend, Jill Marie Jones, is in talks to star in a new movie with singer and wanna-be actress Jessica Simpson. The movie, tentatively titled, Major Movie Star, revolves around Jessica of course, a pampered movie star who joins the army to impress a movie producer. Jill will play Jessica’s sidekick and blah, blah, blah, we all know the rest. I love Jill but anything with Jessica Simpson as the star is doomed to fail at the box office.


  1. That’s why she should of stayed on girlfriends. Look at the options for black actresses now. If we don’t see Jada, Angela, Sanna, Halle, Gabrielle, Vivica and the rest of the black female movie stars in any more movies, what makes you think we’ll see her in any quality movies. Last I saw of her she was in some dumb beer commercial.

  2. I think that is the mistakes so many actors make there agents and the people around them convinced them they are to good for what they are doing and that the offers will pour in. Oh well

  3. She is committing career suicide. She must be desperate to even consider doing a movie with Jessica Simpson.


  4. All she’s done Stella is lost mind! Chile puleeze!

  5. I think she should have stayed on girl friends too because this sounds like it’s going to be one of those “Dukes of Hazzard” films. Hey because she’s a black sista I wish her the best and hope it does well. But Jessica Simpson

  6. She should go back to girlfriends, She tried to prove a point, It didn’t work and now all she is doing is embarrasing herself

  7. I LOVE Jill! Great actress. I wish her well in all of the positive things that she does :brownsista:

  8. You guys have to remember something…when you are in the work force and you don’t like your position or your management…you quit the job and find a new one. Jill was unhappy…so she did what she had to do. And trust…she is doing just fine..she just had a National Beer Campaign which pays thousands of dollars…she’s about to play sidekick to Jessica Simpson who has a great deal of publicity and money. Jill is a working “Black” actress in Hollywood…she is doing her job…and she is getting her money. We as a community should be proud of her…and not compare her success with the standards of ‘white’ actresses.

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