Jill Scott Debuts New Album Cover

The cover art for Jill Scott’s upcoming “The Light of the Sun” album has finally been unveiled. Though I cannot be sure, I believe it was photographed by Gomillion and Leupold. The photography duo have recently done cover shots for Ciara, Ke$ha, and most recently, Keri Hilson. They also did the cover shots for Jill’s “Shame” and “So In Love” singles.

“The Light of the Sun” has a U.K. release date of June 27th, however no date has been given for the U.S. release.

Update: Cover art was photographed by Gomiilion & Leupold.


  1. I’m i the only one that think she is TOO fierce for her own good? I LOVE jill Scott, and i need Fashionista to get on that look ASAP my pregnant self will look too good in that top 🙂

  2. and i ADORE HER HAIR, that’s my look all day, no offense but i don’t think long straight hair looks good on me at all,braids are terrible for your hair so i keep it natural, i wonder if it’s her hair or a weave ?

  3. Jill looks soooooo fly…can’t wait!…I love the look…she has undergarments…a fashion line would be hot…this chick is soooo talented and simply beautiful!!!

  4. Love it. That’s how you do it. You come out better than before. Go Jilly from Philly.

  5. @VooDoo… me too, I think Jill Scott has stepped out of her comfort zone and she looks great!!

  6. ha SHONTELLE i agree. i adore this woman so much, in so many ways its not even funny. i cannot wait!!!

  7. She looks so FABULOUS! Her and body and her hair are WORKING! Go Jill!

  8. Go Jill Go Jill go go go Jill! “He loves me” is always on constant rotation.

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