Jill Scott Debuts New Video

Super hot soul diva Jill Scott has just unveiled the video for her Anthony Hamilton assisted track “So in Love.” This will be the second single to be released off of Jill’s upcoming 4th studio album “Light of the Sun.”

The first thing you might notice while watching the visual is that Jill has lost quite a bit of weight. According to Jill, she has lost over 50 pounds and is the slimmest she has been in over 25 years.

Jill recently told Ebony magazine she hired a personal trainer and that her routine mostly consisted of walking and just letting life’s little stressors fall by the wayside.


  1. both of my favorites…. Jill has always been one of the most sexy to me, so she looks fly 50 heavier or not. and this track is so beautiful as usual for both of them….

    lol so weird i own almost everything these too have ever done. every track recorded, featured on, written by. lol. im so “in love” with both of them and always wondered what it would be like if they collaborated.

    however i kind of wish they did a ballad. his voice is the most perfect thing Ive ever heard. and i love how versatile her voice is…hmmmm i hope they do that in the future..

  2. love it, love it , love it!! great summer jam for the lovers !!

  3. Love this song, it’s amazing!!! It’s real R&B……this is what i’ve been waiting for.

  4. Love this song and the video just knocks it out of the park!

    Beautiful, “feel-good” music…I will use song to jumpstart my treadmill workout…such a great summer song…I do believe that music does help our “happiness” quoient…Oprah said on her final show “that we’re responsible for the energy we bring”…well, Jill and Anthony took it to the very top! They may never make all the millions as other artists, get the media coverage, but people will always pay to see them perform and loyal fans will always buy their music…I thank God that these artists stay on their grind to give us something for our souls!…They have to work sooooo hard in today’s music industry!

    Go Jill!

  5. Never been a fan of the color pink, but damn pink has never looked so beautiful. I love me some Jill Scott, I can tell she is in an incredible space now, best of luck to her and everything she does.

  6. JILLLLLLL, i cannot wait for the album she looks and sounds so heavenly that’s my girl

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