Jill Scott Keeps it Moving

Now that Jill Scott has privately settled her legal dispute with her label Hidden Beach, the singer is ready to move on to greener pastures. According to a statement released by the singer, she is now officially signed to Warner Brothers and plans to issue her first album under them, “The Light of the Sun,” later on this year.

“I’ve always looked to empower my fans through my message of love, independence and strength,” Jill said. “A lot has gone on in my life since my last album, so I’m extremely excited to share the new music with all of the people that have supported me these past 10-plus years. This album is very revealing, and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”

Jill will start debuting her new music at this Essence Music Festival, which she is co-headlining with Mary J. Blige and Kanye West.

Besides being an accomplished singer, Jill is also an amazing actress who has starred in several Tyler Perry movies, Lifetime’s “Sins of the Mother and her own HBO series “The No 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency.


  1. Alright Ms. Scott I’m waiting for the album and another book of poetry.

  2. Yes her son is a chutie. I’m glad we got real meaningful music coming back.

  3. Hopefully she will update her sound … All of her albums sound exactly the same.

  4. @ Me

    You obviously have not listened to all of her songs! She is a very versatile and can sing very differnt types of music. I am excited about her forthcoming album.
    I am truely a Jill Scott Fan!

  5. Ms. Romance I have followed her since she was rolling with The Roots and I’ve seen her live. I have the albums. I just don’t think she has grown that much. Just a personal opinion. Her sound and approach have gotten stale. Just my opinion.

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