Jill Scott Lands A New Role

Jill Scott "Sins of the Mother" Singer Jill Scott , who was most recently seen in the HBO original series “The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency,” has signed on to star in the Lifetime telepic “Sins of the Mother.” Production started earlier this month and the film will make it’s debut on Lifetime’s sister channel, Lifetime Movie Network, in the Spring of 2010. “Sins of the Mother” revolves around a grad student who returns home to face her abusive, alcoholic mother — played by Scott — only to discover that her mom is sober and has a 3-year-old daughter and new life. Telepic is based on the novel “Orange Mint and Honey,” written by Carleen Brice. Elizabeth Hunter adapted the novel for TV, while Paul Kaufman is directing. Damon Lee (“Obsessed”) is the exec producer for Mother Road Prods., which is behind the project. Jill will next star in Tyler Perry’s “Why Did I Get Married, Too?” — a sequel to “Why Did I Get Married.” No word yet on the fate of Jill’s HBO series. Executives at the network have still not made a decision on whether it will be picked up for another season.


  1. Jill that is great but can she please start making that beautiful music again.

  2. She is multi talented. I can’t wait to see them. Jill is gorgeous too, is it me or does she look like Ms. Jackson in that pic?

  3. Not every singer who tries to act pulls it off. Jill Scott however is a natural. Girlfriend is good.

    As for her HBO show, I knew they wouldn’t bring it back. I enjoyed it but I read ratings were lackluster and many thought it just didn’t fit in with HBO’s other sexy and over the top shows.

    Too bad. I will miss it.

    Good luck to Jill landing bigger and better roles.

  4. Finally, ya’ll put up a real brown sista. Sick of these mainstream ones. Jill is the truth,now that is an actress. who saw her Detective Show, she is a natural actress. She got unanimous rave reviews for her acting. i don’t know about the show’s reviews, but i LOVED it. And she is A NATUAL BEAUTY without parading her body around.

  5. Great news for Jill. Sheryle Lee Ralph complained in Terri Vaughn’s documenatary, “Angels Have To Laugh” about how Lifetime don’t use black actresses for the exception of Fantasia’s story. So this is great news and hopefully more movies to follow. The network has had a few black actresses like Vivica Fox and Ms. Lewis, but could use more diversity.

    Jill is such a gem and a fabulous actress. Loved the African series, I hope Tyler Perry and Oprah can get behind this series and save it. I hope we all, those who care write HBO, Oprah and Tyler. Jill Scott help to humanize Africa beyond the usual civil wars,famines and aids images.

    I’m sure she’ll put out some new music soon, especially, being a new mom, can’t wait. Just hope we really support her, we have to do better about being fans and not wait to see how artists chart before we buy!

    Go Jill!!!

  6. If you are interested, this is based on a book by the Carleen Brice and is called Orange Mint and Honey. The book is an excellent read. I hope this brings some additional interest also into what black authors are writing about beyond ‘hood lit.

  7. @Nikita thank you for that post. I am going to buy that book. She is natural I just miss her music.

  8. “soul sista” Jill my favorint song from her “he loves me” she kills it live!

  9. Sounds good I actually love her acting…I watch her HBO series whenever I can.

  10. I love this woman…& she can ACT, so she’ll knock this roll outta the park.

    She looks stunning in that photo

  11. @RUSERIOUS, why aren’t mainstream artists not “real” sisters?

    Anyway, I love Jill…very great writer and vocalist, her acting is coming up with each role, practise does make perfect.
    Whatever she does, I will support.

    Why can’t we support all sisters, we don’t have to put others down to put up Jill and others like her!!!!

  12. Morning Star
    September 23, 2009 at 9:54 am

    Why can’t we support all sisters, we don’t have to put others down to put up Jill and others like her!!!!

    Some people swear they are so righteous but love to fix their mouth to put others down. so sad.

  13. Some people swear they are so righteous but love to fix their mouth to put others down. so sad.

    It sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

    The MAJORITY of mainstream artist are manufactured & always naked. If i make a list it would be long enough 2 publish it. If i don’t like half-naked people singing to me. That’s is my perogative. I should support mainstream artists… why??? If my daughter can’t watch your videos or ur lyrics are too graphic, shoooot, i can’t either. answer ur ? Wait did u have one?? WHo cares, its just the truth.

  15. Now you might sit around with your children or even by yourself and watch that soft porn on BET & MTV, and guess what-im not mad, that’s fine, but i choose not 2. Take a min 2 watch Bet i guarantee 1 out of 7 videos(im being generous) you will find that is suitable for a child or a MATURE adult, the rest GARBAGE,

  16. I don’t watch BET. Its not the gere of music I like. I am just against black people putting others down. Now if someone tries to put me down personally, best believe I will strike back. Even when I was young I never sat around and watched videos all day.

  17. Hellooo- that’ is mainstream. So cuz u black, you can act a fool and im supposed 2 support u. There are people in my family i don’t support. i guess i should support Kanye & pedophile Kelly, and abusive Chris, and low-selfesteem, cheeks flappin Rhianna…cuz they black. The logic is amazing.

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