Jill Scott Set to Join ‘The Voice’


Thanks to the addition of Jill Scott, when “The Voice” returns to the air on February 24th, it will do so with a much needed injection of soul.

According to published reports, Jilly from Philly will be Team Usher, joining the R&B crooner to help groom tomorrow’s generation of singers.

In an interview with ExtraTV, Usher said he personally asked Jill to join the show as a guest judge, saying her skills as a singer, songwriter, musician and actress, make her his “secret weapon” for the upcoming season.

Jill’s praise of Usher was just as glowing, saying she was excited to join the show and that “when Usher calls, you answer.”

As for advice she plans to share with contestants, Jill said she’ll pass on to them what 70’s icon Chaka Khan told her back in 1999: “Follow your gut. You can’t go wrong when you do that.”


  1. This is a come up for Jill Scott for sure. This is good news for my city. Philly Stand Up

  2. I love Usher for this one, for helping to bring back R&B indeed, not that it ever left, but this is a great move! Usher is such a good coach on The Voice, combined, I hope they win the season, regardless if the person is black because just seeing Jill there is symbolic in itself, one of the greatest vocalists of all-time!

  3. I agree, this was a smart move on Ushers part. Jill will be able to help the artist with their stage presence and performing. I feel she will also help with bringing out an artist emotions which will help them connect with the audience.

  4. I find it so ironic that none of these so called reality singing competitions don’t have a black women who can “sing” on their panel… Although black women are thought of as some of the greatest singers ever. No need for name checking… Except Kelly R. recently with the X-factor. I won’t include Mariah (I am a fan) on AI because I have never heard her say out of her mouth EVER that SHE is black??? Kudos to Usher to adding some different and much needed flavor to judging SINGERS.

  5. True True with the Mariah comment although I am a huge fan. I don’t recall Mariah every saying she is a proud BLACK WOMEN! I can see why Brown Sista doesn’t post on her! Yes I know she is black and white. Mariah takes all of the advantages of being black without actually saying she is “BLACK” …
    Remember back in the day she was claiming she was Venezuelan just saying….

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