Jill Scott’s Twerking Tweet Offends Fans


Ooops, my bad. Jill Scott’s Twerking Tweet Gets Her In Trouble

Oh Twitter. Thou art a heartless bitch.


R&B singer Jill Scott inadvertently walked into a schit storm of trouble when she sent out this tweet. “Twerking was invented when some woman of African descent ran out of toilet paper. There’s plenty now. Kmart, 7-eleven, target… good prices 2.”

I got the joke. Others, particularly women of African descent, did not and quickly let Jill know their unhappiness.

Below is a sampling of the comments PG enough for me to post.


Jill quickly got wind of the furor and set about cleaning up the mess, tweeting “Relax. It’s a joke. Visuals darling. Visuals.”

When that wasn’t enough, Jill came back with a somewhat more humble apology. “O K For the slow and sensitive- African women since b4 Venus Hottentot have been know 4 the sizable derrière. It was a visual JOKE. Chill.”

Jill closed out the convo on a positive note, saying “Love the passion. Misguided, confused and ultra sensitive but good. The point- we’ve taken something private & made it über public. Pull up.”


  1. I get what she was trying to do, but it came off wrong. Jill meant no harm. She’s a proud African American woman.

  2. I could be wrong but I think it was taken the wrong way. When I think of “African descent” I think of “African American.” Furthermore, I think she was alluding to an African American women’s resourcefulness, and not to an African women’s poverty.

  3. People wait for those they feel intellectually exalting, socially conscious-driven to stumble. If it’s true about “twerking,” I don’t get the offense. I believe Jill has remained pretty consistent in “Who Is Jill Scott.” People tend to project their own stuff onto others. But, she handled it and people have every right to their opinions. Social media is a double-edge sword, honesty or humor can land a celebrity in the “hot seat.” People want fake humility and “convince me that you don’t think you’re better than me,” sadly!

  4. It was a joke…relax or turn some of that energy toward individuals that call black women B’s and H’s and belittle you in every sense of the word…leave jill alone…i dont understand why black women are so hard on each other…smh

  5. Spot On Cynthinia! It seems many of people just wait for people of color who are intelligent or have become successful to make a mistake and quickly try to tear them down. This is a principle that was taught to us and passed through the generations thanks to Willie Lynch, and we have to stop it. It was a corny joke Jill made and she apologized. We know she is a Sista in the struggle so please don’t make a volcano out of a ant hill. Let’s move on !!!

  6. I love how Jill Scott and Erykah Badu’s twitter slip ups have been taken lightly, and people hav been saying we take things too seriously. But, if a pop artist, let’s say Rihanna, had said what they said, everyone would be ready to lynch her. But becuase it’s the “socially consious” sistas, they meant no harm, they’re real…blah blah blah.

  7. you have to be ‘conscious’ of your words(jokes).The UNIVERSE has no humour…………….

  8. I am sure she meant it as a joke, but her comment was insensitive and ignorant. Furthermore, People of African descent are not the only ones that twerk.

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