Jourdan Dunn’s LONDUNN Collection


Jourdan Dunn Unveils Her LONDUNN Collection

After dropping hints for several weeks on her social media pages, British model Jourdan Dunn has finally unveiled her highly anticipated streetwear line, appropriately named LONDUNN. The 96-piece collection is a collaboration with affordable e-tailer Misguided and will feature everything from leotards to pencil skirts and backpacks.

Jourdan’s LONDUNN collection borrows heavily from fellow celebrity brands like Rihanna Fenty x Puma and Yeezys x Addidas; however, unlike the former labels, everything in Dunn’s collection will reportedly retail for under $120.

During a recent interview with WWD, Jourdan says by acting as the brand’s creative director, she was able to make sure LONDUNN was a true reflection of her personal style. “From designs to choosing fabrics, I was there every step of the way making the big decisions,” she told the magazine. “I even came up with the campaign’s concept to ensure authenticity. Because of that, you’ll actually see me running around town wearing clothes from my own collection.”

LONDUNN is currently available now via Misguided’s official website. Feel free to check out a few pieces from the collection below.

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  1. I think the play on “London” is cute. Her fans will buy. Athletisure is the new “clothing line” route celebs are taking. Good luck to her.

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