Jourdan Dunn Vogue Brazil Covers


Jourdan Dunn Scores Double Covers for the February Edition of Vogue Brasil

Model Jourdan Dunn is covering the February edition of Vogue Brasil… two times. The twenty-five year old British beauty channels the 1970’s effortlessly in the Zee Nunes lensed photo shoot, which was recently shot on location in the city of Curitiba. Jourdan was styled by Pedro Sales and Silvio Giorgio, who chose to deck her out in Burberry from head-to-toe. Sales said the look is for “anyone who wants to enjoy the summer time to the last drop- in the sands or out of them.”

Hot ass coat and fabrics aside (LOL), Jourdan looks super chic on both covers, which remind me of those Virginia Slims ads I used to see in Ebony magazine when I was younger.


  1. She looks good. But I agree, those clothes don’t look summer friendly to me. ?

  2. Brazil, a country full of dark skin women, rarely puts one of the cover of any magazine. I’m tired of praising shit like this. Dark ppl around the world need to rise up and take back their image, land and culture from their oppressors.

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