Joy Bryant Lands New TV Role

Joy Bryant Joy Bryant is the latest Brown Sista actress to abandon the big screen for the small screen. Following in the recent footsteps of Gabrielle Union and Nia Long, Joy has taken a role on network television. The actress tweeted the good news to her fans today and was quickly congratulated by Sanaa Lathan, who herself just recently took on the voice role of Donna in the Fox animated comedy series “The Cleveland Show”. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Joy will join the cast of the NBC drama “Parenthood” and play the role of Jasmine, a single mother who moves back home to pursue a professional dance career and introduce her young son to the father he never knew. The actress will be joined by fellow cast members Maury Tierney, Craig T. Nelson, and Dax Shepard. Look for “Parenthood” to make it’s debut in early January of 2010.


  1. Joy never had a movie career. She can act, but she’s more of a socialite, since Vogue and their ilk love to photograph her (and she comes from a pretty privileged background).

  2. I never liked her as an actress. I doubt I’ll tune in to see anything she does.

  3. She’s not much of an actress…but she can pursue modeling! That would best suit her.

  4. Joy Bryant is not on Twitter. @Iam_JoyBryant is a fake, and Sanaa called him/her/it out last night as she was with the real Joy. 😉

  5. That wasn’t Sanaa that called them out. It was someone names LolaAM or something like that.

  6. Ah dag, you were right. It was Sanaa. I thought that was the real Joy too. I gotta learn to read Twitter better 😆 .

  7. @ Jazzy P

    Joy was actually a model before she began taking acting roles, but I think she’s been pretty quite on the model front. She’s a beautiful woman though. Her body is incredible, those midriff shots remind me of Aaliyah.

    Happy for these sistas finding a way to keep income coming in and stay busy. Opportunities are always out there, just gotta find a way or make one.

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