Judge Okays Beyonce Lawsuit

No stranger to being sued, Beyonce Giselle Knowles will once again be heading back to court. As previously reported, game software company Gate Five filed suit against the bootlylicious singer earlier this year claiming they were essentially forced out of business when the singer backed out of a deal to make a dance videogame.

Beyonce’s lawyers had previously asked that the suit be tossed out; however Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Charles Ramos rejected that argument and without explaining why, gave Gate Five the go ahead to proceed with their lawsuit.

Gate Five is suing for 100 million dollars, accusing the singer of a “bad faith breach of contract so callous that, on what appeared to be a whim, she destroyed Gate Five’s business and drove 70 people into unemployment, the week before Christmas 2010.”

Beyoncé’s lawyers countered that she had every right to walk because Gate Five had not secured financing for the project by a mid-November 2010 deadline.


  1. She will settle out of court again, and her delusionals will act like they don’t know that a settlement is an admition of guilt, they really shouldn’t have based their game on only her tho….

  2. Unfortuante for both parties. I will say $100 million dollars seems a little steep. I doubt it cost them that much to make and I doubt THEY would’ve pulled in that much. The game might’ve banked that though. But anyway I hope they each become satisfied and come up with a amicable solution/amount.

  3. …Also I wonder how much they were paying Beyonce for her to just pull out like that (hmmm).

  4. Beyonce Knowles is faker than a $3 dollar bill, complete with a fake baby bump and all. She is greedy and self-centered. I can’t wait for TMZ to be the first to break the story when this whole baby-gate falls apart.

  5. My theory, and how does that pertain to the matter at hand? Bump all that

  6. @MyTheory

    Your post proves that some people shouldn’t be allowed internet access. How does what you said have anything to do with this post. Geez.

    Anyway…Welp. We’re just going to have to see how this plays out.

  7. I remember her talking about the possibility of this shortly after she did that nintendo commercial with her nephew. so something was in the works.

  8. she must be in the Guinness book of WORLD records for artist most sued!



  9. I feel for the unemployed people … Beyonce…. I just don’t like her…

  10. @H

    She can’t sue for what she didn’t create. People like you should do their research because Anne teresa got her choreography from somewhere else. THAT’S why she is quiet now because she got exposed by UK tabloids.

  11. So it turns out they didn’t want to give the woman her fair share…and she got ghost on em.

  12. Funny how “sista” will post the 1 negative article out of the 112563226 positive articles about bey. No wonder your site is such a flop. Negative nancies never prosper. Bey will get the last laugh as usual while her haters continue to fail.

  13. LMAO @ sista

    That was just proof that Beyonce and her fans/stans are always oh so extra. All of what T said wasn’t even necessary. Just so extra! SMH.

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