July Mag Covers: Beyonce & RiRi

Two of Pop music’s reigning divas are covering magazines during the month of July. Beyonce is featured on the cover of Essence, while Rihanna is gracing the cover of Glamour.

Beyonce’s cover was unveiled earlier today via her Facebook page and features the caption “The Year That Changed My Life.” Never one to get too personal during interviews, I cannot imagine what Mrs. Carter disclosed to the interviewer that warranted such a headline. I guess we’ll just have to wait until Friday when this issue hits newsstands to find out.

Rihanna’s cover, unveiled earlier this week, features the far less captivating headline “She Finally Opens Up” and is already on newsstands nationwide.

The 23 year old beauty took one of Cosmo’s infamous quizzes and gave some very typical Rihanna answers.

Click here to read Rihanna’s answer to such earth shattering questions as “What’s your favorite body part?”


  1. Both covers are gorgeous. Can we please leave the negativity out this post.

    And I have to say this. Bey’s boobs are fantastic. She’s blessed…Wish I’ve been that blessed. 🙁

  2. I bet the year that “changed her life” is the year she took a break and did all those things she said she wanted to do. I swear it won’t be anything dramatic or relatively interesting.

    She looks gorgeous though!…as does Rihanna, love these women.

  3. LOL- Yep, ur probably right, but I commend Bey for keeping her private life just that.

    As for the covers they both look gorgeous.

  4. Both covers are gorgeous. I’m happy for them both. They work so hard. I also commend B on staying quiet about her love life. It shows that their love is sacred.

  5. great covers- love how beyonce’s top looks, im def feeling a lot of white for summer this year.

  6. Umm…no thanks two tramps under the control of mr camel..ummm they be dykemaized! Next!

  7. Why does this site always has somethig bad to say about Rhianna..I enjoyed the quiz rhianna took..girls like hott and hung men…Beyoce talking bout same stuff

  8. @ LMAO – bey wasn’t blessed with those boobs – she PAID for them. Just like her nose & her abs.

    Rih looks gorgeous. The hair color is growing on me but I still wish she’d go back to that slick short cut.

  9. @Yea I Said It

    Keep your hate and negativity and throw it to another blog.

  10. Beyonce can barely speak. I have no desire to read anything she writes. Next.

  11. Two beautiful Black women gracing national mag covers and ‘we’ still feel the need to be negative?..

    Some things will never change.

  12. @Yea i said it
    True , but i never thought she was more than a simple singer, so my dreams and hopes weren’t shattered when someone brought that up to me.

    I don’t like the covers, i think beyonce looks old and rihanna could do so much better, as a matter of fact maybe it would have worked switched up, Rih’s face, beyonce’s torso with a cute outfit on…

  13. Translated version:

    Bey stans
    Beyonce looks perfect rihanna ugly.

    Rihanna stans:
    Beyonce is ugly rihanna looks perfect.

  14. Beyonce & Rihanna both look nice on the cover. I hate to say it but we all know that in every interview Beyonce does she talks about the samething over again.

  15. Wow this is so crazy. People talk about both Rihanna and Beyonce. Truth be told they both have had work done on them. And both are talented women (in different ways). And they are artist that both are clad with less clothing. Both women are beautiful and have their own style. The industry has you guys by the heads with all this comparing with both women. Hell I am perfectly sure that while you all are hating on both women that they are probably good friends or associates. Stop all the hating and uplift them. Goodness we are all brown sistas and men.

  16. @get real-COSIGN. BOTH ladies look very nice and are doing their thing. Congrats to both ladies doing their thing. I CANNOT wait for Bey’s new album to drop and for her to kill Glastonbury Festival in a couple weeks…….

  17. They look like sunflowers and daisies. 🙂

    Pretty covers. Very summery.

  18. Rihanna has had her nose & boobs done too. Not feeling the kool-aid hair. She reminds me of that scary long-haired girl in The Ring with that long hair. Bey looks gorgeous. She dont have 2 talk about her sex life 2 stay relevant. Ppl like that she’s private. And she speaks just like every other star. There’s nothing wrong with her speech so gtfoh with that. King b is still on top after 15 years. Loves it.

  19. poor @lmao – stans hate to hear the truth about that overrated chick

  20. YISI- How do you know it’s the truth? And yes, how do we know it isn’t. So instead of assuming, just take it for what it is. Beyonce’s a beautiful woman.

  21. @YeahISaidIt…those boobs are hers, not so sure about the nose though

  22. Beyonce is Gorgeous!

    Rihanna isn’t aging well…

  23. Hi Brownsista Blogger: I think both of the ladies look great..I’m loving white for this summer too….

  24. @NYC
    I notice the Bey stans frequently have poor grammatical patterns . . .interesting

  25. Oh and this right here is Beyonce’s natural complexion.


  27. So according to “Lalia”, “K” must be a Beyonce stan…interesting

  28. They both look gorgeous. And I think rihanna is aging well. She’s still the beauty she’s always been.

  29. Both of their dried and tired weaves look stank, but other than that they look beautiful.

  30. Beyonce is fake what’s new? as long as she bought those boobs they are hers as far as i’m concered, rihanna looks great

  31. Both are gorg! …Sistas are always gonna hate riri for her so called “idgaf” attitude….yet they complain how boring and repetative Bey is. smh

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