June’s Diary Release L.A.N.C.E. Video


June’s Diary Unveil L.A.N.C.E. Video

Singer Kelly Rowland’s new girl group is now officially going by the name June’s Diary. The girls made their red carpet debut earlier this evening at the BET Awards, where they also unveiled the visual for their first single, L.A.N.C.E., which (unfortunately), stands for Lying Ass Niggas Cheating Everyday.

Now I tried to give Kelly’s group a chance, I really did. But not only is the single bad and generic, but the name is awful and in my opinion has no place in contemporary music. Women have been singing about no good men for years and doing so without the word nigga. I’m noticing more and more artists just casually dropping the word in songs and it is a turn off to me, and I think it is a turn off in general to fans. Honestly, I’d be embarrassed to sing this song if I was June’s Diary. It’s crass, it’s cheap and it does a disservice to the voices of these very talented women.

As for the video, it’s neither here nor there as far as I’m concerned. It’s your typical R&B video. Feel free to check it out below while you can, it seems to keep intermittently vanishing from VEVO.



  1. Chasing Destiny was a better name. I believe they changed it because of critics who thought it was unoriginal. June’s Diary is terrible and sounds kind of creepy. By the way, anyone know their last names or ages?

  2. Now I haven’t even heard the record, but I am turned off by an unbelievably ignorant title. Why would anyone want to sing this message. People need to start taking some culpability for their spread of ignorance. There are other words to use to sing your frustrations with men. We have come to expect and condone this type of foul nonsense language from rappers, but now singers are talking the same language. R & B singers over the past decade have been dropping the N word carelessly in songs. Who actually wants to sing the N word?? Even artists you thought were safe from hearing the N word be sung are singing it, ex. Beyoncé, Brandy, Kelly (who’s group this is), etc… Trust me singing the N word is not a turn on, it will cause me not to buy your record. I pray people can see their talent is from God and use it for the better. Why can’t we seem to elevate ourselves. Shock the world ladies and put out a positive song, as the world needs it.

  3. I am sorry to say this is absolute rubbish and a abomination! Like seriously I don’t want to be listening to music that would make me cringe every time I hear the N word. We need to listen to amazing positive music not foolery!

    I am NOT supporting the purchase of this album.

  4. The record isn’t suitable and they’re too talented to create records like this! I hope they have BETTER material.

  5. As i said before they career ended before it started. Kelly didn’t know how to manage her career and she doesn’t know how to manage others.

  6. such beautiful voices……such disappointing song. LANCE – really!!!!!!!

  7. ……and even more so…..disappointing video. Come on Kelly.

  8. Some people are giving up on them just because of this lackluster single. I support them regardless but I need for Kelly and Frank to make SURE the material for their debut album is SUBPAR.

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