Just one thing…

Look straight ahead in the mirror and think about one thing that you love most about yourself; just one thing. It seems like such a simple task, but are you up for the challenge? Would you be able to do it? It’s amazing how sometimes we focus so much on the things that we don’t love about ourselves that we tend to overlook and not celebrate those wonderful qualities that defines us and makes us who we are. Those qualities that separate us from the pack and those qualities that allows us to leave our own mark in this world.

I know that often we are our own worst critics and I understand why. But what is essential and what is key to living a fulfilled life is being able to embrace every part of who you are.

Most of us continue to be a work in progress, and that is perfectly fine; but always, always, keeps close to your heart all those wonderful qualities that you have that make you who you are.

So with that said, one thing that I love most about myself is my willingness to help someone else along the way in this journey we call life. If you don’t mind, share just one thing that you love most about yourself.


  1. One thing that I love most about myself is my ability to laugh daily. A good gut busting laugh is great for the body. And i share that laughter with others. I try to make people laugh everyday and for the most part, i get myself in a good laugh every single day. Be it watching re-runs of Martin or listening to Steve Harvey on the radio every morning. Laughter is great medicine. :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  2. A physical aspect I love most about myself is my eyes. I’m frequently told they are BIG. When I was younger, I used to feel self-conscious because of the constant focus on my eyes. Family can be your worse enemy when it come to physical taunting LOL! As I grow older, I learn to love them a lot. Sure, they are bigger them some. They are chocolate brown. They are misterious. All the more reason for me to appreciate the pair God gave me. Last year, I had a chance to visit the family back home. Some things, like the constant taunting, never change. It got pretty darn annoying LOL, so I confronted my mom and my eldest brother. I inform them their constant “big eye” tauntings made me self-conscious about my eyes in a negative way. My brother explains, “NO, it’s not like that at all. They are big in a beautiful way”. I was like, “Then, say it so more often!” 😆

  3. I love the fact that I’m willing to give my last to help out my family or a friend. I also love that I can genuinely support people when it comes to their dreams or just sharing in their excitement about something that happened to them. I have to say that kind of quality is good to have because there are alot of dream crushers and people I refer to as “kill-joys”.

    And just on a physical note…I’ve always liked my gap. Never had the desire to close it!!! 🙂

  4. Hello all, one thing I love about me is that I always try to see the good in a situation or a person, I love not being a negative person. I am always optomistic for everyone else and not critical of others or judgemental, but the hardest on myself. I am indeed trying to get better!

  5. The thing i love the most about myself is the fact that i don’t let anybody define who i am. Too many folks out there lose themselves in money,fame and all those futile things, but not Voice! I’m just me take it or leave it :hifive:

  6. One thing I love about myself is my smile it’s very warm and friendly and it makes people relax around me or atleast I have been told.

  7. Physically i love my eyes and i’ve always a belief that the eyes tell all. My eyes are a mixed combo of green and hazel. they change sometimes due to the sun or my mood.

    One thing i love about my character is my loyalty to my friends. I don’t let anyone sell them short or talk about them behind their backs even when i know they prolly did do whatever the person is saying. Most of my friends i’ve known for 10+ years

  8. My best physical feature would be my smile…I have so many but Ill go with what I get the most compliments on lol…My character is what most people love about me…Im so goofy and sweet as pie but can be very straight forward and too honest at times. I am very considerate of others feelings unless they are not considerate of mines.Long story short…there is not one person that is like me. Im a rare breed :hifive: BTW Great post Stephanie!! :bowdown:

  9. One thing i love about myself is my personality. I get along with everyone. That what make me so complete. Alot of people say if someone do not like me they is not happy with thereself. What i love to do is make people laugh when i do that im so proud of myself.

  10. My Stubborness is what I like most about myself. Most of my life people made me feel that my stubborness was something negative, later I learned that they were just upset because they couldn’t sway my opinions and feelings to suit them. I am who I am because of my beliefs and philosophies. I also pride my self on being everything that is good and bad about being a Capricorn. Martin Luther King Jr., Socrates, Joan of Arc, Janis Joplin: these capricorns never backed down, nor do I. 🙂

  11. :brownsista: One thing I love about myself is that no matter what I am going through I am able to keep a smile on my face and others. 🙂

  12. Physically how I look….I really my face lol skin/eyes/smile/nose all of it.

    Personality wise I love that i’m very straightforward/blunt even if how I think might be unpopular (don’t mind not fitting in lol).

    @ mo’star dang we almost sound like twins right now lol (Sag in the house tho)

  13. I honestly don’t really like anything about myself. I think I’m to average both physcially and personality wise, I don’t think I’m special in anyway. Everybody has something unique about themselves and stand out; I have none of that.

  14. @MDC It is my belief that everyone has a special quality about themselves that makes them who they are. I just feel that maybe you haven’t reached that point in your life where you truly realize that. It‘s takes time for many of us to get there. And that‘s ok. The important thing is that you begin taking the steps to embracing and loving the person that you are. I don’t know you, but I know that you are special and you have what it takes to do extraordinary things in your life. We all do! But if you fail to recognize that and think of yourself as just being average, you will miss out on unlimited possibilities.

    So, I hope you read my comment, think about what I said, and maybe revisit this post tomorrow and let me know one thing that you love most about yourself.

    Take care @MDC!

  15. and physically i can’t choose because i am all that , a halle berry and whip creme on top

  16. MDC I oughta bitch slap the shit out of you and i hope Stefanie don’t censor me, we should have a topic where we could post picture of ourselves i am 100% sure that you are one of those gorgeous sisters that don’t even realize it nothing special about you my ass Girl you know you’re beautiful!

  17. I had to do something like this for a school assignment this weekend. If I had to choose one thing about myself, I would have to say I love who I am. When I look in the mirror I not only like what I see, but more importantly I like WHO I see.

  18. Physically: I love my smile, my eyes, and my skin tone.
    Personality: I love that I can be funny, laid-back, and a good friend.

  19. The thing I love most about myself is my childlike attitude towards life and people. Physically, I love my smile most of all.

  20. @ Voice, I love your blunt-ness. You are so in your face, I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @MDC Just keep looking and you will see it. And, please do not compare your beauty or qualities to others. I know the saying is beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but the greatest thing about beauty is when you relaize you are the beholder who define what beauty is to you. I applaud you for having the guts to write what you did, that along takes courage-that is one thing you can add to your list. Now, take the time to love yourself and add more things to “your” list.

    I used to be extremely insecure for many reasons. However, today I can honestly say I love myself. I love every part of me-the good/beauty and the not-so-good (notice I did not say ugly). I love my smile and the fact that I am a small lady. 5ft-5in, 109 pounds. I use to hate being small, now I celebrate it.

    Besides the physical, I like that I truely love people and am not a hater. I have the ability to celebrate another woman, even if she has something I want, without jealousy in my heart, feeling like she is better than me, or I am beneath her. I like that regards to my beliefs and how I chose to live my life, that I can repect and befriend people who may not believe as I believe. I love my personality. Some days, my diva come out and other days I so simple, but no matter what, I love me even when my short hair cut is gel back. The list goes on-and-on, but I’ll stop with saying, I like that I am a good mom. I spend a lot of quality time with my son. He is 4 and a few months and I taught him how to spell over 20 words, he can count to 30, knows his color, body parts, birthday, etc. I am teaching him the months of the year. He is even reading some of his books back to me now!!! I say this because my mother did not spend time with me as a child. So, I like that I am enjoying being a mother; it’s a hard job. I use to not be sincere about being a young mother, because people would look at me funny and say things like, “I know that is not your child! You look to young to be having a child.” But now I am like forget what people think, I am handling mines. I like that about me to.

    Quote by Yosef Ben-Jochanna:

    Dipped in chocolate, bronzed with elegance, enameled with grace, toasted with beauty. My Lord, she is a black woman!

  21. Quote by Yosef Ben-Jochanna:

    Dipped in chocolate, bronzed with elegance, enameled with grace, toasted with beauty. My Lord, she is a black woman!

    @Antoya, I never heard that quote before! Thank you so much for sharing that!

  22. …i’m trying this but finding it quite difficult… 🙁

  23. @Antoya love that quote.
    @Voice you is a hot mess again but loving it lol.
    @MDC you is a wonderful person like someone said above. It in you just pull it right out.

    Self-Esteem is a mutha. But it start within you. You be ok.

  24. Hmmm what do I love MOST about me physically? Geez, I love my skin… my nose… my eyes…LOVE my lips…love my breasts, LOOOOOVE my feet.

    Personality wise, I love that I’m not naive, love how I get along with women, love that I never had weird men around my child… list goes on and on. LOL

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