Just Say No to Leopard Print Leggings

Model Jessica White was spotted over the weekend rocking one of this season’s hottest trends- leopard print leggings. Jessica showed off her pair, made by Daddy Long Legs, while making an appearance at the Purim Party in New York City.

Video model Amber Rose was spotted in a similar pair last week while jogging. Amber didn’t look so hot in her pair and quite honestly neither does Jessica. Leopard print is hard to pull off unless in small doses and both ladies failed in my opinion.

Jessica’s white t-shirt and red pumps didn’t help her look and Amber’s growing waistline didn’t help her pull the look off either.

My opinion- leopard print is not the business and rarely looks good as a pair of pants- much less leggings which by nature already look cheap.

I vote NO on this new trend.

Want to know how to properly pull off a pair of fancy leggings? Check out Fashionista101 to see celebs that got it right.


  1. It’s definitely trendy, but I like it. It’s definitely hard to pull off… Jessica looks great! I like that she threw it off w/ different colors like red and white to let the leopard pop… I can see Rihanna rocking these pants and wear the Sh*t out of them!!!

  2. Not even Rihanna can save this tacky look. And wow Amber looks huge. Its like all her fat was in motion while she was running.

  3. I like Jessica’s look. She’s thin so she can pull it off. Amber…why?! WHYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!

    …is that really even Amber? It doesn’t look like it. Oh well. *Kanye shrug*

  4. That is Amber. She tweeted about people calling her fat after the pictures came out. She has gained weight around her midsection and it doesn’t look good.

  5. I actually like the trend. You can dress it up or down. Would I wear it? Hmmm…
    I do think some can and will pull it off. Jessica and Amber both look cute. I think the pic of Amber is just a bad angle. But hey, the girl is working out…

  6. Both ladies failed big time and all leopard print leggings need to be burned!!

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