K. Briscoes ‘Dishes’ on New Video

Up and coming singer/songwriter K. Briscoe has just unveiled the video for her new single ‘Dishes,’ which features rapper Busta Rhymes.

K., who is a member of the Outsyders production team, has previously worked with singers Britney Spears (Circus) and Keyshia Cole (A Different Me). She was also nominated for a Grammy in 2009 for her work on Spears’ #1 single ‘Womanizer.’

Back to ‘Dishes.’ K. sings of a man putting it on her so good it makes her want to do his dishes. As absurd as that sounds, I actually like the song and the video.

With the right team, promotion and of course, image, K. could have a hit single on her hands.


  1. I love the song. But she reminded me of Natalie Cole singing urban R&B kinda version LOL.

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