K. Michelle Debuts Two New Videos

Up and coming singer K. Michelle is back with two new videos for her fans. The Memphis native and R. Kelly protégée unveiled the visual for her singles “How Many Times” and “Just Ain’t My Day” earlier this week via 106 & Park and her official website.

Check out both clips below- and to learn more about K., check out our previous article on her.


  1. Love K. Michele vocals…she’s very talented!!!…I saw her on Mo’Nique’s and will buy her music. It’s unfortunate the current state of the music industry and the lack of interest in R&B…hope she does a reality show…to make a connection because talent isn’t enough!

    “The decision to become a singer, songwriter wasn’t an easy one for K. Michelle. Although she earned a musical scholarship to attend Florida A&M University, she eventually switched her major to Biology and toyed with becoming a nurse. “I didn’t want to major in music,” says the 24 year old. However, she never stopped singing. “My whole time at college I played the piano and sang. I even won Miss FAMU.” However, it wasn’t until she graduated college that she decided to make music her main focus.

    For several months she toured Asia as a singer with Memphis orchestra Sound Fuzion. Upon her return to Memphis, she took an office job. That didn’t last long. “I got a job in sales. I sat in a cubicle all day. I’d walk around the office singing. That’s when I realized that was not the life for me.” Michelle created a Myspace page and within a week caught the attention of a production company in Atlanta. Seeing this as her big break, she moved to Atlanta with the goal of securing a record deal. But that didn’t happen for another two years.”

  2. I am soooooo in love with her music. But the video was just not right for her especially that too tight outfit on the street with her hair blue!

  3. She has a great voice. The songs could be better though. She is a chameleon in the looks department. She always looks different. She should dump the colorful fair long nails look though.

  4. I think she’s incredibly beautiful and has a great voice…..but her songwriting is very demo-ish….reminds me a lot of vivian green in that she can sing and write a song fairly well, but the songs just aren’t polished enough to be released in my opinion. Sang beautifully, just…missing polish. Just alwasy feel like you’re listening to an amateur and she’s far from that, it’s just the writings off….however, I DO like the overall mood and concept of today just ain’t my day….that’s a beautiful song. You can feel the emotion…but, it fails to move you as far as it could. Overall tho, I wish her the best and much success.

  5. I love K. Michelle, she can really sing. She’s what the music industry been missing. I loved (How Many Times) the very first time I heard it on Serious Radio. What funny is my eight year old daughter told me about the song, she loves K. Michelle, and now I’m a fan too. I can’t wait for her album to drop. Check out her song called Fallin it’s amazing.

  6. i ADORE HER, her voice, the way that she plays an instrument, writes her own songs, her energy, the fact thats he is RNB no pop, no faking just RNB, I’m with you michelle ALL the way

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