K. Michelle Plots ‘Rebellious Soul’ Musical


Singer K. Michelle is temporarily leaving behind her reality show roots to focus on a new musical based on her “A Rebellious Soul” album.

K. broke the news during a recent visit to WCGI’s Morning Riot radio show.

According K., the musical will air on VH1 and have an unlikely director: British actor Idris Elba.

K. didn’t explain how Elba came to be attached to the project, but did hint that the two have been mutual admirers of each other’s work for some time now.

The musical is set to start shooting this spring and will air later this fall. K. describes it as a “female version of R. Kelly’s trapped in the closet,” and says fans can expect to see quite a few well-known actors and musicians.

“My fans should expect nothing but the best from me,” K gushed. “VH1 and myself are in agreement that quality is the most important thing. We’re going all out.”


  1. Well good luck to her, because she is going to need it with JZ and Beyonce seeming to be doing their best to keep her and all the high yellows out front and center forever. That’s the way it used to be in the old days. Brown and Black women had a hard time getting recognition and work. Oprah and Iyanla remember that’s why they’re talking about it.

  2. What a wonderful intervention! Yay to Edris, I wish K. Michelle well. She is way too talented to settle for reality TV cat-fights. I couldn’t take her, I loved her voice before the show, so it was a big let down. But, now that she has good people in her corner, I hope she stays on this path and not implode!

  3. What a wonderful intervention!

    Wow! What a wonderful way of looking at it, Cynthinia. 🙂

  4. @Sista

    This is exactly what is happening! Idris Elba is turning out to be quite the Renaissance Man. He arranged for Naomi Harris to to meet with Winnie Mandela for her role and got her blessings for the film. I believe in second chances and I hope this is as big or bigger than “the closet” series!

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