K Michelle Releases New Music + Shoots New Video


K. Michelle Shoots Video For Mindful Single

If it seems like K. Michelle is unveiling new music weekly, it’s because she is. Just days after releasing Ain’t You, K. is back with Mindful, the fourth single to be released from her upcoming More Issue Than Vogue album. Fans who pre-order the album will automatically receive Mindful, Not a Little Bit and Ain’t You now.

K. recently uploaded images from Mindful’s video shoot, which you can see below. Not sure why a video for this particular single is being shot and not the others. Maybe Mindful is the official first single. Whatever the case, based on the pics below, I’m expected something totally ratchet. But with lyrics like “Who dat ho,” I wouldn’t have expected anything else.

I’m constantly posting new music from black women on this blog and it really saddens me that the quality of that music is so subpar as compared to what’s going on in the pop world. I miss the music that women like Karyn White, Stephanie Mills, and Whitney Houston made. When did our souls become so cold that all we can muster up the strength to sing about is bitches, hoes, getting money and popping’ our pussies?

Even the artists who don’t sing about these things are making music that is simply boring. It sounds generic, thrown together, pure filler. Oh how I long for music like this again…


  1. That is because no one is buying that kind of music unless you are white and your name is Adele or taylor Swift. I too miss the music that everyone made from the 90’s 80’s 70’s. Some music is good now but there is nothing like the music of the past.

  2. Man, Whitney was a beat. Give her amicrophone and stand back. She could slay a crowd without even breaking a sweat. She was a rare breed. Blessed with it all, right from birth.

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