K. Michelle Rocks the ‘O Awards’

Singer K. Michelle brought the soul to last night’s O Music Awards. The 24-hour live streamed event was sponsored by MTV, VH1, CMT, LOGO and featured an eclectic mix of performers.

K performed her new single ‘Can’t Raise a Man,’ off of her upcoming ‘Rebellious Soul’ album, due out July 30th.

Check out her performance below and let us know what you think.


  1. Hate the song. Don’t watch Love and Hip Hop so I can’t speak on her TV shenanigans.

  2. guess some folks didn’t get a chance to read the part where you said peep the performance and give your thoughts…anywho…she has a great voice…performance was ok to me

  3. K. Michelle has an amazing voice! That’s all that matters..

  4. Most people can’t get past her nasty disposition to listen to the music and she has no one to blame but herself.

  5. K.M. is over the TOP. But, I remember when this site and others would post her music or photos and there would be little or no interest. I really didn’t think she was going to ever make it this far. I loved her voice from her duet with R. Kelly, “flawless!” Unfortunately, reality TV is creating economic engines, there’s no end in sight. I just tune out when gets to be too much, tune in when it appeals to me, but a new league of artists are being developed! I hope K. Michelle doesn’t allow RTV to overshadow her talent. Tamar is helping to pave the road, along with K. Michelle and others with true talent, but lacked a platform or access! Congrats to K.

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