K. Michelle Signs New Record Deal

Singer K. Michelle’s stint on the VH1 drama fest ‘Love & Hip-Hip: Atlanta’ appears to be paying off in spades.

The beautiful 26-year old former Miss FAMU winner has just been signed to the Warner Bros Music label, and is reportedly already in the studio working on her new album.

K. was released from her previous contract with Jive Records back in 2008 amidst allegations of mismanagement by producer MeMpHiTz. Despite the setback, K. continued to record new music and even released several critically acclaimed mixtapes, which is how she came to the attention of ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ producer Mona Scott Young.

Announcing news of her signing via Twitter, K. wrote “Today was a very special day. Today I signed with Warner Brothers Records. I am a true testimony that God will make room for ur gifts.”

K. also tweeted a photo of her gracing the latest issue of KING magazine, which you can check out above.


  1. i wish women who have talent will not rely on sex to appeal to people. that is so played out and it takes away from people wanting to listen to music.

  2. @surabi
    thank you for saying that. i don’t even know this girl but i am tired of all this crap. you know someone is gonna come up with “oh, sex sells”. to that i always say “so? crack sells…don’t make it good.”. as a female….it gets past boring then damn sad.

  3. These ladies are getting on my nerves w this sexual nature that we live in, they are not respecting themselves and others that look up to them,plz StOp, am tired of these black women demeaning themselves,dang it’s sad!

  4. Yep! She so deserves it for her talent, unfortunately the industry sales the sexy part of it.

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