Kahdijiha Rowe Welcomes Us to ‘Big Rich Atlanta’

Big Rich Atlanta - Season 1

With its most successful season of ‘Big Rich Texas’ now on hiatus, the Style Network is moving on to the latest installment of the franchise, ‘Big Rich Atlanta,’ which is set to premiere on Wednesday, January 23rd.

With an eclectic mix of characters ranging from a pastor to a former beauty queen, the mother daughter boughie fest promises to bring the drama as only true southern belles can.

One of the more provocative members of the cast is Kahdijiha Rowe, daughter to 112 member Q. Parker. Kahdijiha recently sat down to speak with Brown Sista and shared with us her reasons for doing the show, as well as her love of all things SHOES!
Brown Sista: Hi Kahdijiha, first let me take a moment to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to Brown Sista.

Kahdijiha: Hello Brown Sistas! I am very excited about this opportunity and I would like to thank you so much for the interview.

Brown Sista: Can you take a moment to tell our readers a bit about yourself. What do you do for a living?

Kahdijiha: I am a college-educated business professional with a knack and natural gift for fashion and ALL things fabulous!! I am a Marketing Executive, basically I create brands!! I work very closely with my mom and aunt, Sharlinda and Brie’ to help them brand their many businesses including Tu La 2 Nail Salon and DUO Jewelry. My newest baby is my very own online shoe boutique, “Platform Kouture” scheduled to launch Spring 2013. I am very excited about this project because I just LOVE LOVE shoes!! I am definitely a shoe addict!!! Platform Kouture will offer affordable shoes that are stylish and fabulous.

Brown Sista: How did the opportunity to appear on ‘Big Rich Atlanta’ come about?

Kahdijiha: My mom, aunt, and I were approached about doing an interview. At the time my mom was being interviewed for another really big show so it kinda just fell in our lap.

Brown Sista: Were you worried that filming with your mother would cramp your style or cause you to pull back a bit?

Kahdijiha: **Laughing** No, in that department I will say that I am pretty lucky. My mom and aunt are actually pretty cool. They are only 41 and very well connected in the social scene in Atlanta so we always hit all the red carpets together. Mom definitely makes it very clear that she is mom, but we have an awesome relationship. My auntie Brie’ and I actually hang out and party the most since my mother is married and she has to take care of my little brother.

Brown Sista: Your father, Q. Parker, is a huge musical icon in Atlanta, did he have any reservations about you and your mother, his wife, appearing on the show?

Kahdijiha: My father is a very well established musician and has already built a brand around his name, so naturally he had a lot of questions. He likes to protect us as well, but he is also very supportive and wants to see us develop and grow as well.

Brown Sista: What do you think it is about Atlanta women that has intrigued Hollywood so much over the last few years?

Kahdijiha: I think Georgia peaches are feisty but sweet at the same time. There is a lot of money here in Atlanta and the home of many big celebrities. Also, a lot of movies are being filmed here so Atlanta is honestly like the “new” Hollywood.

Brown Sista: Are you prepared for the scrutiny that will surely come once the show airs?

Kahdijiha: I think my family has always been in the blogs and in the limelight so the scrutiny is not as new for us as it will be for the rest of the cast. Overall, we are prepared and we are very strong women.

Brown Sista: Being a young African American woman in the spotlight, some will surely look to you to set an example. Would you feel comfortable taking on the title of role model?

Kahdijiha: Of course, I would love to be a role model, but by no means am I perfect. My purpose for life is to help people along my journey, especially young women and children. My mom, aunt, and I are very well involved in Philanthropy. All of us sit on the board of a phenomenal organization called Beyond the Game to benefit children and women in Swaziland, Africa. It is an organization for women with NO excuses who believe they can change the world. And believe me … We know we can change the world.

Brown Sista: Several other reality shows have been accused of purposely trying to show African American women in a negative light? Did this criticism give you pause when considering whether or not to join the cast of ‘Big Rich Atlanta?

Kahdijiha: Let’s be honest drama sells. I think showcasing your life to the public is risky and could cause a serious PR nightmare!! However, at the end of the day no one is perfect, the only difference is that now more people know about your choices, decisions, and mistakes. Other than that we are all human and I honestly believe that other races, not just African American women, could say the same thing about reality shows.

Brown Sista: Finally, what do you want people to take away from watching the show? Do you want to leave them with any particular message?

Kahdijiha: After viewers watch the show I want them to be able to take away that I am very driven individual with goals and morals. I take pride in being raised by such strong women, my mother and my aunt, and a wonderful father. I do not follow the crowd, never have and never will. I am good at reading people and I stand up for what I believe in. At the end of the day you can’t sell me wooden nickels!!!!

Brown Sista: Thank you for your time, Kahdijiha. Let’s do it again real soon!

Kahdijiha: Thanks! I would love to do this again.


  1. This is a great interview…I saw the preview…I will watch…this is exactly what I love to see in terms of merchandising and branding…getting something major out of these reality shows…walking away with some serious cash benefits that she or they will based on the success of the show and their characters…this is not the interview mainstream media would have conducted…it shows our diversity in terms of reality tv…Nene Leakes & Co…Basketball Wives…Tia and Tamera (sisterly love)…Chicagolicious (enterprising)…The Best Funeral (funny)…Steebie J and nem (guilty pleasure)…I wish Kahdijiha much success!

  2. Kudos on the interview Sista 🙂 Also I always wondered what in the hay this show was about. The title makes me think of that country band/duo “Big Rich” or something. I’ll check it out, most definitely.

  3. This sista sounds intelligent, a rarity for reality TV. I’ll tune in and check it out.

  4. @Kanyade

    The first episode actually takes place in a country club. I think that’s where they’ll meet up weekly to break bread with each other.

  5. Ashlee is clearly the star of this show. She is already the Queen Witch. She’s fighting with everybody. I read she actually got into a physical confrontation with Kahdijah and tried to get her arrested.

  6. Lawd Kadijah got arrested for popping that snot nosed girl. When will these ppl ever learn? Now she has a mugshot and a record that will stay with her for life. Sista sounds really educated but allowed herself to be pimped for this simple ass show. Not a good look for a professional at all.

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