Kandi Talks About Her “B.L.O.G.”

Kandi Burruss Kandi Burruss, former member of 90’s R n’ B group Xscape and the newest cast member of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” is working on a new album. The singer/songwriter recently disclosed to Essence Magazine the title of her new album “B.L.O.G.” and says it is very much about what is going on in her life and the way it has been portrayed online via gossip blogs.

Kandi says:

“I came up with the concept based on things that were going that were relevant to what’s going on in my life now, including the show and what things have been written about me and my fiancée by bloggers,” she admits. “The whole album isn’t about the show but there are definitely songs inspired from the show like “Fly Above,” and “It Must Be Good.”

“B.L.O.G.,” which is scheduled for a September release, will also feature “Superwoman,” a duet and anthem for single mothers with Burruss’s dear friend, former Xscape member and T.I.’s fiancée, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle. Other guest artists include Rick Ross, Gucci Man and Rashieda.

Btw, anyone wanna guess what B.L.O.G. stands for?


  1. Kandi Tiny Tomeka Lotocha, I support all those chicks. They came from a time where R&B wasn’t about looks, but talent. And those sistas could blow. I’m rooting for all of em. And I must check out this season of RHWOA.

  2. I agree TRUTHTELLER. No one ever mentioned how any of those girls looked back in the day. The chick who sang lead on most of the songs was even a bit chubby. They could have never made it today because now it is all about a very narrow view of beauty. Truth is you can’t look like Mary, Whitney, Janet or even Diana today and get a record contract or support from radio. Because of this we are missing out on a lot of good music. If people took the time to listen to Jazmine Sullivan rather than critique her looks they would discover that this girl and her music are straight fiyah.

  3. @Only1
    Really good guess.

    @Truthteller and JBL
    I’m cosigning with you two. I loved Xscape back in the day (and SWV 🙂 I love it that Kandi and Tiny both write for other people and make their own paper. These ladies are not playing.

  4. @ JBL

    I totally agree on Whitney and Diana. As beautiful as they are because of what the standard is they would’ve never made it. They were TOO classy to be beautiful by the industrys standard. It’s all about T, A and green eyes.

  5. WTF is she talking about? I have no problem admitting my enjoyment of several gossip blogs, and I have yet to see any mention of this woman in any posts, aside from this one. Whatever Kandi! Hype yourself all you want, no one’s gonna hold it against you, but don’t try and act like you’re a trending topic on anyone’s site.

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